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All Eyes on Ibuprofen: What are 10 Things You Need to Know?

Xiidra vs. Restasis: Which is better for dry eye?

Can Restasis damage your eyes?

What’s the difference between Eylea, Eylea HD, and Avastin?

What are anti-VEGF drugs (VEGF inhibitors)?

What drugs cause bags under eyes?

Can I use expired neomycin and polymyxin b sulfates, dexamethasone ophthalmic?

The bottle has been expired for a while now but it has never been opened and still has the seal on it.

What is the difference between Cequa and Restasis?

Is pink eye (conjunctivitis) a sign of COVID-19?

Does Beovu help with wet AMD?

Does Tyrvaya reduce inflammation?

What eye condition is Oxervate used to treat?

How is brolucizumab administered?

Can't stop looking upwards?

For about a month, i've been having these "fits" where I cannot move my eyes downward. It's like my eyes are stuck looking up! My eyes seem to be trying to roll back into my head, but they don't fully go back into my head. When this happens, it doesn't go away until I... read more

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