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I'm a male wanting to have female breasts. can I get estrogen hormones without a prescription?

can I buy estrogen hormones without a doctors prescription? I want to have breasts the same as women.

Estrace Vaginal Cream - I'm confused. can you have intercourse while using estrogen cream?

Said men could absorb via the penis. If yes how soon is it ok? If I'm taking for the first time every night for two weeks Is it ok to apply the night before having sex then apply after?

Vagifem - when is the safest time for intercourse so my husband not exposed to estrogen?

I just started using Vagifem 10 mcg. I am supposed to use it every day for 7-10 days, then 2x a week for duration of use. I would like to know when the best time for intercourse would be, so that my husband doesn't suffer any bad side effects from the estrogen? Thank-you very much

Estrace Vaginal Cream - How long after application is the cream going to transfer estrogen? So if I?

... applied it last night, can I have sex tonight and not transfer estrogen to my husband?

Nexplanon - Anyone using it to help control PCOS?

I am currently on the depo shot to control the PCOS. I cannot take estrogen based pills due to pulminary emboli (yes, there were multiple clots) back in 2012. I like the depo shot but it is getting harder and harder to schedule a good time. I'm considering getting Nexplanon but wanted to hear... read more

Breast cancer. Dosage of Arimidex - can it be decreased?

.I have stage 2 estrogen pos breast cancer. Had lumpectomy, chemo and 32. radiation treatments. Side effects are so bad as each month goes on. My oncologist said take it once every other day. I am so afraid the dosage is not enough. However, she gives me vague answers, "better than... read more

How long does it take for tamoxifen to clear out of your system?

I'm a 59 yr old woman with a history of estrogen receptive breast cancer. My Dr. Told me that after 5 and a half years, I could go off of tamoxifen. My risk of my breast cancer returning was only 2.3 percent. After 6 months of being off of it, I'm still having several hot flashes per day.... read more

Taking estrogen pills while on Depo-Provera?

I’ve been on Depo-Provera for almost 6 months now and I’ve never had a terrible experience. I’m personally unaffected by most of the side effects and I have little to no difficulty other than the occasional irregular bleeding and appetite loss. However, I’ve noticed one... read more

Anastrozole - is loss of sex drive a weird side effect?

I had my 6 month check up today after being on this drug due to breast cancer with estrogen marker. Just realized I didn’t ask about this possible side effect: No sex drive. None! What is happening?!

When prescribed letrozole do I also need to follow a special diet?

I understand that letrozole blocks estrogen. Does that mean that I need to have an estrogen free diet? How about phytoestrogen? Can I just stay away from the foods with the most (phyto)estrogen, like soy products, etc. How about natural plant based phytoestrogens found in a lot of vegetables? Do I... read more

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