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My gastro doc has perscribed Baclofen ( a muscule relaxer) for esophageal spasms. I do think I may?

Posted 28 Jul 2012 by tippeelover 5 answers

... have had at least one of these spasms during a severe gerd attack. But due to also having been diagnosed with costochondritis (inflamation of the cartalidge in the ribs) I cannot tell if I'm still having mild spasms. All these issues happened after the severe gerd attack. I take PPI's ...

Has anyone ever used Elavil for esophageal spasms [severe] along with severe hiatal hernia and re?

Posted 17 Apr 2012 by Rosemarie57 7 answers

Also have reflux from both the esophogus and hiatal hernia. Has been about 3 years and is continuing to get worse. Spasms cause my throat to close and is nick named "nutcracker disease." This has been a drug recommened instead of surgery to try first. I need to know the pros and cons on ...

Esophageal Spasm - I have a lump in my throat and chest pain 24-7 from my esophageal muscle spasms?

Posted 7 Dec 2012 by jkbermy 3 answers

what is the best medication and is the lump and pain normal to stay continous Thanks

How soon can I take sucralfate before I eat?

Posted 15 Apr 2010 by Gerdy 3 answers

I'm taking sucralfate (as tablet dissolved in small amt of water) before meals and at bedtime for esophageal ulcer, not stomach ulcer. I have GERD. Do I still need to take it 1hr before meals? Or can I take it immediately before eating?

Fibromyalgia - I have fibro and also have been experiencing severe chest pain (esophageal spasm has?

Posted 16 May 2011 by bfenton 6 answers

... been confirmed but doesnt explain all the symtoms). I go to a pain clinic and am on anti-anxiety, anti-depressents, calcium channel blocker, sleep medication, nitrostat, fentanyl patch, breakthru pain meds (5/325 hydro)..My most recent med is neurontin and I am only taking 100 mg once a day at ...

Do many patients experience a sore throat on Prilosec?

Posted 31 Jul 2012 by snowdogmom 2 answers

I have GERD & developed a class 4 (worst) esophageal ulcer... my gastroenterologist put me back on Prilosec, which I had quit taking due to concerns about side effects (bone loss,etc) Since being back on it I wake up with a dry, sore throat, which lasts during the day also. I do have some sinus ...

Isosorbide Mononitrate - How long does it take Imdur to relieve chest pain?

Posted 28 Nov 2012 by LeslieAnn1231 1 answer

I just started Imdur yesterday for esophageal spasms and I am wondering how long it takes to get relief from the chest pains. I haven't gotten any relief yet. I am on the lowest dose available (30mg) to start with.

What acid reflux medicine can I safely take with Plavix?

Posted 10 Aug 2010 by Sunshine2010 1 answer

If someone is on Plavix and has acid reflexI would like to know the name of the acid reflex medication you are taking? Sunshine 2010

Liver Cirrhosis - My wife has been a heavy drinker for many years. She been in the ER for esophageal

Posted 20 Jan 2017 by patrickC 2 answers

... verices on numerous occasions - probably 20+ bands total. Last year she finally had a TIPS procedure done, and she's only had one bleed since, plus a seizure on another occasion. She continues to drink. I've tried everything, but she will never stop. It's been a year since her ...

Prednisone - is there anything out there to help side effects of trying to ween off prednisone?

Posted 25 Oct 2011 by sulu99 2 answers

My husband has been on Prednisone for approx. 3 years for esophageal Webs & strictures, 20 mg day. This is his third attempt to ween off of them. He is now taking 12.5 mg every other day. He feels horrible. Mainly very weak. Also is very bloated, along with a host of other symptoms. He is a ...

Esophageal Spasm - Hi, I am currently having another spasam, second of the day. I am taking?

Posted 9 Apr 2013 by franklin12 2 answers

... nitro and a antispasmodic, they don't really help. I asked my doctor for a prescription for something for the pain and she said it would not help the pain. I am frustrated that she could not understand the pain level from these spasams. Anyone else have problems getting the point across to ...

Is serostim a steroid? there is a direct correlation between esophageal candidiasis and steroids?

Posted 6 Aug 2010 by sunshine001 1 answer

my brother was just diagnosed with esophageal candidiasis and we are trying to find as many posibilities that may be a direct link to this condition? he took serostim a few months ago and the doctor is wanting to know if he has taken steroids?

Esophageal Spasm - I have been dealing with these spasms for 5 years. I read that they might lessen?

Posted 19 Jan 2011 2 answers

... with time. Is this true? I am currently on Calcium channel blockers, H2 inhibitors and Lorazepam. Some days are better then others. I had one pneumatic dilation about three years ago but use a first level dilator because of my size. I get so depressed and the drugs don't seem to help this ...

What is a healthy step down drug from dilaudid?

Posted 16 Mar 2011 by hrothlisberger 1 answer

My husband had been taking 2mg of dilaudid every 4 hours due to post op surgery of a bilateral thoractomy and a esophageal rupture. He can go 8 hrs without needing something and wants to get off the dilaudid as he is experiencing lots of nausea. He tried morphine in icu for a week but it messed ...

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