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Why does it take at least 12-14 hours for me to get the best results from taking 20mg Cialis?

After taking a 20mg tablet of Cialis it doesn't do anything for me within an hour like the instructions say? Even on an empty stomach? But usually the next day I've got a strong erection most of the day? If I try to have sex after a few hours of taking it, my erection doesn't last... read more

Viagra - will your erection go away like it normally does after climaxing?

does taking Viagra affect your ability to reach climax? If not will your erection go away after the climax. If not can you reach climax multiple times?

Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra - What medicine is better for an erection?

Trying to get the comparison on these 3 kinds

Has anybody had the erection side-effect taking trazadone?

If so, how many mg.s and what other details. Did u have to receive medical help, etc... I have problems with ED maybe using the right dosage might be productive?

Can one take 2 20mg Cialis at once ?

I have tried to use Cialis on five different occasions. I get about 80% erect then "hit the wall". That is it. after the 80% erection, it goes pretty much totally flaccid. Then ALL is lost. I am overweight and in my mid 60's. I had radiation therapy for prostate cancer last year.... read more

Will testosterone increase the size of a male penis?

Has any man experienced loss of libido whilst using Tramadol?

My hubby has been on Tramadol for a number of months and has no interest in sex and cannot get an erection. Dont know if its the Tramadol or the pain and depression thats causing it. He had kidney cancer 9 years ago and had an operation to remove is right kidney. Recovery was good in the first... read more

I have been on phentermine off and on for about 2 years for weight loss.

My doctor has been on it for 8-10 months then takes me off for 6 months and then back on it. In the beginning my sex drive was through the roof. But now I’m starting to have erection issues. Could the long term effect of phentermine be causing that? What can I do to fix this issue?

What is better viagra or cialis?

I have some problems with erection and i want to know which drug is better?

Viagra - how long after taking viarga before I could expect an erection?

first time user, 72 year old healthy male

Me and my wife have been trying to have a baby for over a year without success. I use Viagra and?

Cialis to maintain an erection. Has anyone out there been able to conceive while using these meds? We both have been checked by doctors and everything is okay otherwise. Please help.

Tramadol - Did prolonged use cause sexual impotance?

Some days when iam taking tramadol .i suffered acase of very bad erection and i feel that i canot sustain erection anymore . And this case is repeated every now and then so i become so afraid about it because iam so young but in the same time . I canot stop so i become afraid sometimes of starting... read more

It seems that when I take ibuprofen (usually 2 tablets 200 MG) that I have a firmer erection?

a firmer erection. I am 69 years old and have trouble with ED. I discovered this happening by accident, so I have tried it again and it helped. Is there any reason that ibuprofen can help me have a firmer erection? Will it have any side effects if I take 2 tablets everyday? Thank you

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