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I've been on Epiduo for acne for five months. What now?

Posted 22 May 2013 by ElliePearl91 4 answers

Hello everyone, I want to relate my Epiduo experience to you. I was first prescribed Epiduo (apply at night by itself; no moisturizer) in late December 2012. I was 21 at the time. I'm now 22. I had pretty bad acne on my face (for four years), not to mention all the scars and discoloration ...

Epiduo - My doctor said to use it 3 times a week for my skin to get used to it?

Posted 15 Jul 2018 by Jiwoon 0 answers

My question is how do I know when my skin is used to it?

Do you get dependent on Epiduo?

Posted 1 Apr 2018 by bh157 0 answers

I have some mild acne. Does your skin become dependent on using Epiduo? I'm worried that now I've been using it for a week that I will have to continue using it every day for my whole life.? That's if it works. I've been having continuous recurring spots for about 10 months now ...

Will Epiduo Forte be effective on me?

Posted 25 Mar 2018 by samierinn 0 answers

Hi so.. in about the end of January-beginning of February I started to break out really really bad.. Worse then I had ever faced before.. and so my mom decided to take me to the doctor because nothing over the counter was working for me at that point.. When I got to the doctor, she put me on ...

Can I apply my moisturizer, sunscreen & makeup after applying the Epiduo forte?

Posted 11 Oct 2017 by Sidneyhdusjsidjksnd 1 answer

I was recommended by dermatologist to apply the epiduo forte morning AND night. She did say not to mix any other products other than the ones she gave me which was that and cetivle face wash and a very lousy sunscreen... (she told me the reason was so that if my skin reacted bad she would be able ...

Can Epiduo gel effective in white heads?

Posted 19 Feb 2018 by Akrit 0 answers

I have hard white heads in both under arms.

Epiduo - How can I help deal with the burning sensation?

Posted 20 Jan 2018 by Buzz2838 0 answers

My skin was burning and very red now. Even to touch my face it is so so sensitive. Does moisturiser help with the stinging? Also I used it on my whole face, is this wise or shall I just use it on the effected areas?

Have used Epiduo 8 weeks next Tuseday?

Posted 7 Dec 2017 by Idaerikssonnn 0 answers

I wondering if its normal to get pimples now and then even if you have used Epiduo for 8 weeks ? From The beginning I had 14 pimples, on week 6 i had like 4-5. Now on week 7-8 I have 10 pimples but large ones and not as small that they were from the beginning. I think its so weird that i had like ...

Am I on the right track with Epiduo Forte or am I just making it worse?

Posted 4 Aug 2017 by SmithD19 0 answers

... decided to go crazy. I tried multiple different acne washes and creams. During this past Christmas, my acne seemed to go down like i had it under control then spring it went crazy again. I finally decided to see a dermatologist in late June. He prescribed me Epiduo Forte. So I started using ...

How does Epiduo affect you if you don't have server acne? I have it around my mouth and chin?

Posted 14 May 2017 by Selina Butler 0 answers

I am so scared of the 'Purge" but I don't have server acne I just have pimples around my chin and old redness and scares I guess you'd Call em, Im really scared and am put off from trying it, just scared as I have very sensitive skin. I also have a hormone imbalance as well. ...

Epiduo - How long will the redness last?

Posted 20 Nov 2016 by Lisa1983 0 answers

I have been using a tiny amount of epiduo for four days and my face looks and feels sunburnt. I have not noticed any other change yet. How long does this redness last?

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