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Can I drink alcohol with enoxaparin sodium injection?

Posted 6 Nov 2010 by worsall 3 answers

i have just had surgery on my foot, and have to inject myself with enoxaparin once a day for 6 weeks, can i drink alcohol with this medication.

Enoxaparin - how do I avoid the bruising after an injection?

Posted 24 Mar 2011 by lexi2011 2 answers

Enoxaparin - how do I avoid the bruising after an injection?? besides my tummy , where else can i take the shot. my doctor and pharmasist told me nother on how or where to take them. some hlp and insite would be nice

Is there a generic for lovenox?

Posted 7 Jan 2010 by craiga 5 answers

If not, when will the patent expire?

Substitute for Enoxaparin shots??

Posted 14 May 2012 by rabeeon 1 answer

I take blood thinners and whenever I have any kind of surgical procedure, I have to go off the reg blood thinners and use the Enoxaparin sodium shots. Well, I've just fallen into my prescrpt coverage gap and the shots will now cost me over $800.00. Is there a cheaper substitute?

Is there any kind of savings on Enoxaparin Sodium Injection?

Posted 6 Nov 2012 by dianaasanner 2 answers

i have a co-worker who has recently been put on this injection due to blood clots and simply can't afford it. so i am trying to help her find asst. so she is able to afford the medicine. she does have insurance through her work, but still can't afford it. thank you for your help in this ...

Enoxaparin - am being bridged back to my coumadin after a colonoscopy. I was off my coumadin for 5?

Posted 3 Jun 2010 by quiltsewer 1 answer

... days prior to the procedure, and have been recieving the injections since the day after the procedure-3 weeks and 1 day ago. My coumadin was resumed 1 week after the procedure. I am having difficulty getting my INR back to an acceptable level-it is currently at 1.3. I have INR tested 2x week. ...

Should I stop my warfarin or clexane (enoxaparin) dose as still my bleeding persits after tooth extr

Posted 19 Nov 2014 by rupaj 2 answers

as i had my tooth extraction n prior to that i had stopped my normal warfarin dose n started clexane(enoxaparin).. after 2 days of my extraction the bleeding still persists.. should i stop my warfarin or enoxaparin??

Enoxaparin - How many days after using these injections should my calf feel better?

Posted 12 Dec 2011 by Michael Silberman 2 answers

My left calf was the one with the clot and is feeling bit better after 5 days, however my right calf hurts even more now and I didn't have a blood clot in it. Is there a chance this medication could cause this pain im my right leg calf?

I am 6 months pregnant have to take enoxaparin 2/day ran out of sites and I hate the discomfort?

Posted 21 Nov 2011 by mookBMW 1 answer

need to know other places to give

I have been taking enoxaparin sodium injections 150mg since june of 2009 for a cronic blood clot in?

Posted 20 Feb 2013 by tfredw 1 answer

... The right leg, what are the long term effects of taking this med for so long?

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