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How long does it take for the joint pains to go away after stopping Accutane?

Posted 13 Aug 2013 by Emaa 3 answers

I took Accutane for my acne problem for about 2 months and realised that I started getting severe joint pains almost everywhere (feets, elbows, shoulder, knees, etc.). Never had this problem before. I stopped it after that. Its been about three weeks and the pain still has not gone away. I can ...

Will melatonin make me stay asleep?

Posted 4 Jan 2013 by Griffiths82 5 answers

I have a partner who tosses and turns in her sleep and keeps me awake I need something that will keep me asleep all night even if she does kick me or elbow me in the head lol some one please help

I take tramadol almost daily (once a day) Are there any long term health issues I should be aware?

Posted 29 Dec 2013 by hilosanstorm 3 answers

I have fibromyalgia, and always hurt. I've had 5 shoulder surgeries, and am bothered by pain in those as well. I also have tendonitis in my elbows and hands. I feel better and more alert when I take tramadol. I also take sertraline. Are there any long term health issues I should be aware of? I ...

Voltaren gel not covered for spine with the insurance provider?

Posted 16 Aug 2016 by Net3 3 answers

I had used Voltarten gel some time ago for my elbow, worked great. Recently I went to the spine doctor as I have spinal stenosis in L4 L5 of the spine. Over time, arthritis has built up and I have much inflammation. My spine doctor wrote me a script for Voltaren gel. Under the BCBS Utilization ...

How long is recovery from carpal tunnel/ulnar nerve decompression surgery?

Posted 15 Sep 2017 by Dadominguez 1 answer

I had Carpal Tunnel/Ulnar Nerve Decompression release surgery last week, 09/07/17. It has been one week and I am still having pain, especially in the elbow, shoulder area. My arm is bruised from the elbow down to the wrist. I have an incision on the palm of my hand as well as on the elbow. I work ...

What causes muscles in your upper arms to tighten up?

Posted 24 Mar 2014 by RBOWMANSR55 1 answer

when i put my arms over my head and bend them at the elbow like i'm scratching my upper back or neck my muscles in my upper arm tighten up so bad the pain is unbearable.

What if I suddenly stop using omega 3 pills?

Posted 21 Jan 2015 by rdel45 2 answers

I stopped taking omega 3 about a month ago , and now have bad joint pain in my elbows. Is this related to stopping the med. I was taking 1000mg twice a day.

Why do I have a sharp needle like pain in my elbow?

Posted 27 Oct 2017 by lyly1993 1 answer

Everytime I put my elbow down/ lean on it, sometimes I feel a needle like feeling stabbing it. What could this be? When I work out it doesn’t bother me or hurt.

Has anyone taking gabapentin developed a rash on arms and legs due to exposure to the sun?

Posted 8 Jul 2018 by Loripaint 1 answer

My spouse is currently experiencing a severe rash which initially started in joint regions ( behind knees and in elbow region) - itchy! We have seen various specialists who all told us that they have not heard of any photosensivity reactions using this medication. And yet, the prescribed prednisone ...

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome - can anyone tell me if KATAMINE TREAMENTS work for RSD?

Posted 16 Nov 2012 by genna767 2 answers

my pain dr,said that ketamine treatments may help.since I feel pain all over my body,IT was a work injury,so workers comp is hell and making me nuts telling me that it is only in my left elbow,well I feel the same pain in my legs,back and other arm.also can rsd cause my bones 2 become weak

I have tendinitis in my elbow due to taking levaquin. Can't take inflammatories what I can do?

Posted 29 Dec 2012 3 answers

I also have lower back pain which is affecting my legs. What can I do to alleviate the pain in my elbow, back, and legs?

Ciprofloxacin - Where or what dr to see for diagnoses of cipro damage?

Posted 17 Aug 2016 by Mikel 62 2 answers

Since given cipro for UTI back in 2008 I've been in pain. The pain started in my lower back and under lower rib cage now it's in most joint areas including knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, neck, hips. Burning in thighs and numbness also finger tips and toes slight numbness. Weakness in ...

What kind of joint pain does Eliquis cause?

Posted 7 Dec 2016 by trackhoeboy1 0 answers

my elbow joints hurt

Can Cymbalta cause upper arm pain? the pain is between my shoulder and elbow?

Posted 7 Mar 2017 by vickystraw59 1 answer

after stopping Cymbalta after 3 years... noticed i have pain in my upper arms (both) worse at night and first thing in the morning. i had stopped the Cymbalta on my own... had no pain when i was on it and this is the only thing i have changed... my question is can Cymbalta cause this kind of pain ...

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