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Ectopic Pregnancy Questions

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Took the Morning after pill, missed 2 periods, normal or not?

Posted 20 Nov 2012 by iMessedUp 7 answers

On October 6th I was drunk at a party and ended up having sex. We used a condom but we were so drunk and we didn't really know what was happening so just to be safe I just took "Next Choice" the next day October 7th. After taking the pill a week later I had brown discharge for a day ...

Misoprostol - Im 7weeks and 4 days pregnant then I take cytotec with 1day heavy bleeding but the?

Posted 15 May 2014 by lady me 2 answers

... next day is just only drop and my belly still in pain is it posible that im still pregnant?

Unplanned baby. so I had took the kit of mifepristone misoprostol, 7 days bleed but result shows +v?

Posted 26 Feb 2015 by vsrinivasaneee 1 answer

unplanned baby. so i had took the kit of mifepristone misoprostol, 7 days bleed but result shows +v. Now i'm having giddiness, knee pain & tired.

I been having abdominal pain since I got this?

Posted 30 Apr 2017 by Shay547 0 answers

I been having lower abdominal pain for these past two weeks and I got the implant in my arm two weeks ago, and I think I'm having an ectopic pregnancy. I been sleeping more than usual, I been urinating more than usual, I've been constipated, and bloated. Could I be having an ectopic ...

How do I know if I have a ectopic pregnancy?

Posted 5 Aug 2016 by sabrina88 4 answers

I have been on Nexplanon since December of 2015 and thing's have been going good until recently in May I have been bleeding none stop I also get back pains I was wondering if it was normal it has me and my Husband worried so please can someone let me know if you experienced the samething as ...

Ectopic pregnancy while on nexplanon?

Posted 23 May 2015 by lindsaypaige12 1 answer

.Hi, so I'm on the nexplanon. Have been on it for a year & a half. Anyways, recently I have been having pelvic pain & some abdominal pain as well. I haven't had a period since November, but recently I have been spotting. What are the chances of an ectopic pregnancy on the ...

Problems after an ectopic pregnancy?

Posted 10 Jan 2017 by Lilfruitcake 0 answers

I had an ectopic pregnancy over a year ago. Since then my hormones have been all over the place especially during my period. I have mood swings and can cry for long periods for no reason. Sometimes i feel quite depressed. Has anyone got similar problems or solutions?

Tri-Sprintec first pack, currently in my third week in the back, brown and light red discharge?

Posted 5 Sep 2015 by missy26891 1 answer

I am currently on my third week in the my very first pack of trip-sprintec, I have been experiencing brown and red discharge and on and off cramping, Could It be an ectopic pregnancy or implantation bleeding, I am confused and I know this is not usual during my period ?

Could I be having a ectopic pregnancy??

Posted 24 Aug 2015 by Lala123455 2 answers

I am on a Implant called "nexplanon" but recently I have been waking up nauseous & even waking up from naps nauseous getting this cramp on my right side of my abdomen usually gets worse at night I always feel bloated & I have been dizzy when standing up I've always got a ...

How many weeks from conception can an ectopic pregnancy exist in fallopian tube before it ruptures?

Posted 21 Aug 2015 by gumpak 1 answer

What is the maximum time period from conception a tubal pregnancy can last in the fallopian tube before becoming unbearable or rupturing?

Ectopic pregnancy ( outside the womb) what is my chance on getting pregnant again ?

Posted 7 May 2015 by Leyah0320 2 answers

Do to being on Nexplanon for 3years as I waited three months to conceive to get pregnant and I end up having ectopic pregnancy where the baby was growing in the tubes, how long does it take to get out your system and can I be able to have a normal pregnancy again?

My fiancé and I have had unprotected sex 3 times in two days. Am I pregnant?

Posted 10 Oct 2014 by Mae111 1 answer

If I am pregnant what are some signs because I haven't had nausea yet. Pls help! :(

I had an emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy that apparently was endangering my life about?

Posted 14 Jun 2014 by kxog 2 answers

... four months ago. I think I'm pregnant now but I'm really scared to go to the doctor... I know I need to soon but what is the likelihood that everything is ok with the baby? I'm not having any of the same symptoms I had with the ectopic but the whole situation has me permanently ...

Positive pregnancy test possibly 6weeks but the ultra sound doesnt show anything?

Posted 10 Dec 2013 by pollypk 3 answers

could i be in danger of an ectopic pregnancy or is the test faulty?

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