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Prednisone - Would this help an adult ear infection?

Posted 14 Sep 2016 by Lexxerzmarie94 1 answer

I'm having constant pressure and pain also swelling, pain feels sharp at times others dull, and also achey.

I've had an ear infection for about a week. It's better but how long will it take for ear to open?

Posted 14 Jun 2017 by sjkkillian 0 answers

Last Saturday night (June 3rd) I developed a very bad earache to the point where I went to the doctors that Sunday. The earache came with some draining, ringing in the ear, and hearing loss. The doctor said I had a hole in my ear and that my ear was infected. She gave me some medication to take ...

Took 5mg of Lexapro experiencing pounding in ear?

Posted 2 days ago by carmar10 1 answer

I know this is only first day but I broke my 10mg Rose in half and now I'm experiencing pounding in right ear and slight ringing I guess tinnitus. I don't think I can stand this if it will continue. I've read other people had it and it didn't go away I'm freaking out. Oh ...

I have been taking 150mg of clomipramine daily for almost 5 years for depression and anxiety. I now?

Posted 7 days ago by Amandacampbell 1 answer

... have severe tinnitus in one ear. Will this go away if I stopped taking clomipramine? The tinnitus is causing sleep disruption and balance issues. I also have deteriorated vision but not sure if it's just age or perhaps another side effect??

Is there any interaction between ginkgo biloba and Atacand (taking 8mg twice daily)?

Posted 7 hours ago by Springup4319 0 answers

Hi My dad has been taking Atacand 8mg twice daily for many years and he wants to take a herbal extract of Ginkgo biloba for ringing in the ear. Is there any serious interaction between those two?

Heart beat noise in ears and fullness in neck?

Posted 5 days ago by crheftka 0 answers

I have been experiencing a pulsating heart beat like noise in my ear. Along with fullness in my neck and being able to feel my heart beat very hard, to where it shakes my body. I hear the noise most when laying down. It also feels like my heart is beating out of my chest. My neck has been feeling ...

Drumming in my ears that is constant beating since taking Flexeril for the last 4 weeks?

Posted 5 days ago by vivians 0 answers

Since starting Flexeril I hear a drumming sound that no one else hears. I thought it was my neighbors stereo. Though it's loud occasionally, this noise is constant. It's so irritating that I tremble. I also feel vibration while sitting on my couch and can feel it on the floor. Today the ...

How long does the generic Wellbutrin stay In your system?

Posted 28 Apr 2016 by Loree53 2 answers

I've been taking the bupropion SR 150mg twice a day for 2weeks and the ringing in my ears is really bad, can I go to 1 pill a day without problems

How it is possible to find still living bugs when I have take 2 time ivermectin?

Posted 20 days ago by Elsamaria 1 answer

I visit Thailand and get nasty mites my skin. Now I have itching 3 months. About 2,5 weeks ago , I find little living mites my face skin and my head and nose and ears and genital skin. I take ivermectin and used permethrin cream, Wednesday I take second time ivwrermectin medicine. And still I find ...

Amoxicillin/clavulanate - is it normal that I can't hear so well after taking the first dose?

Posted 17 days ago by pinchus 0 answers

I have an ear infection and my doctor gave me amoxicillin/clavulanate 875 125. After taking the first dose I feel that i don't hear so well. Is this usual?

Have been on Zoloft for 6 years. I have fibromyalgial/myofascial pain syndrome, nerve damage to?

Posted 25 Jun 2017 by Mejes 1 answer

... inner ear, diverticulosis. When on Zoloft I am able to handle depression due to pain and mild depression and the added bonus of helping with stomach issues. A year ago weaned off of Zoloft and within a month in hospital with acute diverticulitis. This spring year later insurance co. Blue Cross ...

Diclofenac - Will side effects disappear when you stop taking medication?

Posted 25 Jun 2017 by cuznpc 1 answer

Possible side effects I have experienced ... higher blood pressure and ringing in the ears.

Can I take Sudafed PE sinus + pain with Nurofen?

Posted 27 Jun 2017 by Minlou 0 answers

Flying tomorrow & have runny nose (clear fluid) and presently unable to equalize my ear. Taking Sudafed as above. Can I take Nurofen to assist with discomfort?

Hydrocortisone cream?

Posted 16 Jun 2017 by Mikehowe 0 answers

Can you use a hydrocortisone cream (daktacort) on the back of your ears? The back of my ears broke out in a painful rash so I used daktacort hydrocortisone cream on it for a couple of days, and now my ear lobes seem to look lager, could it have something to do with thinning the skin

A couple of months ago, I had a serious upper respiratory infection that my PCP resolved with?

Posted 19 Jun 2017 by AZhearing 0 answers

... Z-pack. A week later I had pain and pressure in my left ear with vertigo. My ENT treated me unsuccessfully with Valtrex for 2 weeks. I was having dinner and bit on a bacon bit, there was a pop, and hearing in my left ear was fully restored. Two weeks later the left ear began to hurt and the ...

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