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Prednisone - Would this help an adult ear infection?

Posted 14 Sep 2016 by Lexxerzmarie94 1 answer

I'm having constant pressure and pain also swelling, pain feels sharp at times others dull, and also achey.

Guanfacine - Side effects very concerning--very lightheaded and the need to sit back, even sleep!?

Posted 9 hours ago by yanksgirl 0 answers

I have taken this for 6 days and am 'soooo dizzy and sleepy' and though I have dizziness anyway--due to another medical condition--inner ear,,, this is above and beyond! However, guanfacine-along with Valsartan has dropped my b/p levels about 40 points--from the 170/78-88, to ...

I am on Atacand (candesartan) for high blood pressure and have experienced ringing in the ears?

Posted 21 hours ago by kennedy12 0 answers

... which is getting worse. Has anyone else had this happen? If I go off it will the ringing stop? I'm also on apixaban for blood thinning.

Ear pain and weird cigarette like smell?

Posted 16 days ago by Horseborn 2 answers

Hi! I've been having ear issues my whole life, I regularly go to a specialist to clean my ears because I overproduce ear wax, I also have a hole in one of my ear drums. Now it has been a while since I've gotten my ears cleaned, too long, there's daily pain and a sense of fullness in ...

Can I double up antibiotic for a severe ear infection?

Posted 19 days ago by fizzyrain 0 answers

Does anyone have suggestions for extreme ear infections? I have been diagnosed with an inner and outer infection in both ears. I've had four kids and this is by far worse than all four of my labors. I have been to my family M.D. & the ER. I've been prescribed Cipro ear drops and ...

Why do my ears ring on and off and sensitive to loud sounds?

Posted 11 Apr 2017 by Celexa 4 answers

I have been on a raised dosage of celexa for six weeks now. I am having senseativity to loud sounds. Still having some racings thoughts also. I am trying to be patient and let the drug take full effect.

My dr office share nasal spray between patients?

Posted 29 Apr 2017 by Surfsups 0 answers

the nurse for my ear nose and throat dr, gave me Afrin nasal spray in each nostril. When I realized it was not a brand new bottle(after the fact). She said she wipes it off with alcohol and let's it sit. Is the a normal procedure? Is it possible for disease to spread?

Pressure in stomach and loud ringing?

Posted 16 Apr 2017 by Jackv390 0 answers

I was discharged from the hospital 24 hours ago because I took to much of my medication I was on watch for seizures and I have a loud high pitched ringing In my ears that keeps getting worse and the bottom right of my abdomen has a pressure and I'm kind of disoriented

Is the cause for this sudden tinnitis on March 30th from Benicar or doxycycline?

Posted 17 Apr 2017 by triciab70 0 answers

My first post here was about feeling like my head was underwater with fullness & popping in my ears.. March 30th I woke up with a low humming & buzzing in my ears. Saw an ENT who says I have tinnitis. I've been on Benicar almost 4 yrs. Was also prescribed doxycycline twice this year ...

When can I stop worrying about Cipro side effects?

Posted 28 Mar 2017 by kitty7 1 answer

At the end of February I got an ear infection pseudomonas. I was prescribed Cipro to take for 12 days. As soon I started taking Cipro I got insomnia really bad..Every time I would go sleep, I would jerk awake..I called the docter what was going on and was told Cipro was the only way to treat the ...

Hi. I have had vertigo for 4 months now. It started from a virus on Jan 1st. I had a bad cough one?

Posted 8 Apr 2017 by Tamlhee 0 answers

... day and the next I had vertigo. I have fullness in my ears and lightheaded as well. I have been to several Doctors. I have been to 2 ENT's one who said it was from migraines and the last one said i have BPPV. I have been going to a physical therapist for 2 and a half weeks now doing the ...

I have an ear infection and it just swelled entirely shut?

Posted 28 Mar 2017 by PEACHFRIES 0 answers

I have had the feeling in one of my ea4s like something is resting on my ear drum I've had this before and went to doc and got it flushed. This time I decided to try a wax removal kit and try to flush it out myself. I treated both ears. it has this wax softening drops that you leave in your ...

I just started taking Belviq (3 days) and starting about an hour after my first dose... I started?

Posted 2 Apr 2017 by BelviqUserSeaton 0 answers

... feeling like I had a head cold. Post nasal drip, itchy congested ears, sore throat. Of course it is hard to figure out if I just don't have a head cold. Wondering if anyone else had symptoms like this and how long they lasted. I cannot take this drug if it causes a perpetual head cold

Can blowing your nose too hard damage the ear and cause severe pain?

Posted 21 Mar 2017 by Ourhealthnews 1 answer

Have severe ear pain. Pain below the ear lobe extending down below the length of the jaw to the chin. Painful to talk. painful to swollow or move the jaw. Am conjested and have a small fever. Unable to eat. What is recommended?

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