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Do you put on moisturizer before applying the Duac Once Daily Gel?

Posted 27 Apr 2018 by parian 0 answers

My doctor told me not to apply moisturizer before applying the cream at night but my skin on my chin and cheeks is very dry and flaky and it is not improving at all. My wrinkles are getting worse and I look like I have eczema.

Should I carry on with Duac Gel?

Posted 31 Mar 2018 by Alyssa Drysdale 0 answers

I have fairly mild acne on my face, neck and shoulders. I was prescribed Duac as my skin isn't too bad. I was told that my skin would become itchy and uncomfortable while starting out. I expected that and I persevered with it. My skin finally calmed down and I noticed a slight difference in my ...

Can I do laser hair removal while I use Duac?

Posted 18 Mar 2018 by Xyz1983 0 answers

Is Duac gel used for any skin impediment other than acne..I have been prescribed it yet don't have?

Posted 2 Mar 2018 by Cappuccino 0 answers

I suffer flare ups on my face which results in redness. I have tried various treatments and have been prescribed Duac. Is this normal and safe to take?

Duac one daily gel 3%, advice on its progression. Skin in general, personal experiences, meds?

Posted 4 Sep 2017 by Jodie Morris 0 answers

I am currently using duac once daily gel for my whiteheads on my chin/jawline which I have been using for a good few months. I have noticed after using it for a short while it turns whiteheads into a brown-ish colour. I would like to know if this is the normal progression of the healing process? ...

When using Duac gel (once daily) at night, do I have to apply a moisturizer on top?

Posted 1 Jul 2017 by Zoe126 0 answers

My skin seems to work well with Duac and i moisturize when i wash it off in the morning but I'm wondering does my skin need the moisture at night after I apply it? If applying something is a must, would pure aloe vera gel be okay?

I have just been prescribed Duac 3%?

Posted 31 Mar 2017 by Lucia2008 0 answers

Hi! I have just been prescribed Duac 3%, could someone tell me if I use this instead of my usual facial moisturiser or do I moisturise and then use the Duac? Many thanks, hope it works for me!

Is the 3% Duac gel still effective?

Posted 31 Oct 2016 by tinachap 1 answer

I've been prescribed Duac 5% today by my GP for acne on my chin, went to get it from the pharmacy and turns out nowhere is stocking it anymore due to a manufacturing issue. I've rang several pharmacies now and they've told me that the only one available is the weaker Duac 3% gel. I ...

Duac - Has anyone used this gel for acne caused due to hormonal imbalance?

Posted 9 Aug 2016 by Ana11 0 answers

I understand that this gel works for acne in young people, but does this really work for people in mid thirties with acne caused due to hormonal imbalance?

What happens if I put duac gel on irritadet skin?

Posted 24 Nov 2015 by Batman94 0 answers

Hi,I'm 17 years old and have been having problems with acne for 5 years now,I've been on decutan pills for 6months but they diddnt help,cause I got my acne again,I've used all cream and therapy I Coult possible try,and it diddnt help me much, so I'm now using this duac gel but ...

Duac is making it worse?

Posted 10 Oct 2015 by Bekkicresswell08 0 answers

I have spots everywhere and I was given duac, however it has seemed to have brought all my spots to the surface . I've nearly been using it for three weeks , is this normal , do I keep using it , as I was told its main changes are after 4-6 weeks ??? X

Does Duac need to be stored in the fridge?

Posted 10 Apr 2010 by rockonchic 1 answer

When purchasing the medicine, it was stored in the fridge. Does this keep the medicine more potent and last longer? Does it truly need to be stored in cooler climates? I use it as needed and my dose could last for a year.

Does your skin get worse when starting Duac?

Posted 7 Sep 2010 by Annaface 1 answer

I have been using Duac for a month and a half now, along with Yasmin (pill), but my skin has so far only got worse... it is currently much worse than it was before. There are definitely less blackheads, however, so i am wondering if this is normal, as i have heard that sometimes there is an initial ...

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