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How long will it take to pass a 5mm kidney stone with flomax?

Posted 20 Feb 2014 by Anonymous987 7 answers

I have 2 x 5mm kidney stones, one on each side. I was first put on Doxazosin, but that did not pass either of them so my doctor switched me to Flomax. I just took my second dose but I was wondering if anyone knew about how long it will take to pass them? I have only had random pains, nothing severe ...

re doxazosin how safe are they?

Posted 15 Jun 2009 by jackfoy 2 answers

Can you take doxazosin at night when it is for high blood pressure?

Posted 23 Jun 2011 by janice57 1 answer

I have tried a few high blood pressure tablets and feel ill on them the one that agreed with me the doctor took me off them as they contain calcium and i am hypercalceamic and i was wondering if i cold take doxazosin at night to try and relieve the side effects.

Will doxazosin slow down my heart rate?

Posted 29 Aug 2015 by gallarj 1 answer

Are there any blood pressure tablets which do not cause swelling of ankles?

Posted 25 Aug 2016 by Mrsjlbt 1 answer

I am currently on Doxazosin 4mg. and every night my legs/ankles are slightly swollen. There is no pain or discomfort. They are normal next day. Can you give me definite names of suitable drugs I could ask my doctor about please?

Has any one stopped taking doxazosin and how long did it take for the side effects to go?

Posted 9 Aug 2018 by timson 1 answer

I am on 2 mg now and hope to cut it down soon to 1 mg. I do keep a check on my BP daily It has caused me to have AFib as well What problems have you had on doxazosin. Thanks John

Can doxazosin cause painful ejaculation?

Posted 5 Feb 2011 by harsch 2 answers

I take 8mg doxazosin for BPH. I have also added Proscar for same reason. I have painful ejaculations and wonder if these drugs are to blame.

Is Phenazopyridine HCL (95MG) right for me?

Posted 13 Aug 2012 by xray900 1 answer

I have symptoms of BPH: slowed or delayed start to urinating (particularly at night), weak flow of urine, dribbling of urine after finishing, feeling that the bladder is not completely emptied after urinating. Pain and/or burning sensation while urinating are NOT part of my symptoms. I'm ...

Is doxazosin a blood thinner?

Posted 2 Mar 2014 by billystroope 1 answer

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