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Hydrocortisone/Pramoxine - Has anyone ever had this problem? HELP?

Posted 9 Dec 2017 by Prattd 0 answers

Hi, ive been taking hydrocortisone acetate suppositories 25mg & docusate sodium 100mg softgel for almost a week now. Today i pooped for the 1st time since taking them and my poop came out narrow like. I was wondering if it was normal to happen when taking these drugs?

Docusate/Senna - I took this drug 2 days by mistake. I had already evacuated my bowels. I have gone?

Posted 7 Sep 2017 by Roxie2015 0 answers

... again the next day, and thenext day. My stomach is still cramping and bloated. How long does this stay in my body? I took 1 pill in only 1 day but it is still working. How long does 1 pill last?

Administer docusate 100mg or fish oil capsule?

Posted 4 Jan 2017 by yohanna2004 0 answers

What is the best way to administer medication like docusat 100mg, or fish oil capsule for elderly person wit Dysphagia? We crush other medications. Thanks.

My daughter is in Italy and needs to buy Senna with Docusate for constipation?

Posted 31 Aug 2016 by cparadies 0 answers

or an equivalent substitute? Is this sold in Italy? What is an equivalent substitute that is sold in Italy?

Docusate sodium stool softener - can you explain the instructions more clearly?

Posted 14 Jul 2012 by empow 3 answers

Instructions for docusate sodium stool softener say to not take it for more than 1 week unless directed by a doctor. Does that mean not to take it on 7 consecutive days or is it safe to occasionally take it once or twice per week over a longer period of time? Normally I seldom need it as long as I ...

A friend of mine just had his appendix removed. He still has not had a bowel movement. Is it safe?

Posted 21 Aug 2014 by mariemills 1 answer

His appendix was removed 2 1/2 days ago, but has not had a bowel movement for 5 days. i read that it's not safe in cases of appendicitis, but since that was removed, is it ok now to take docusate?

Can I take Docusate instead of Dulcolax - having a colonoscopy?

Posted 8 Dec 2010 by griswald 1 answer

I am having a colonoscopy on Thursday and they told me to get Dulcolax 5 mg. and take 4 of them along with my prep. Can I use the Docusate in place of this rather than buy more? What is equal doses if I can? Thanks, Janice

How long does Docusate medicine take to take affect?

Posted 20 Oct 2009 by dawnsmith 1 answer

I recently had laproscopic surgery on a hernia and I am currently taking docusate and i have had a bowel movement but my belly seems to be still hard

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