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Switch from Adderall XR to Dexedrine (Dexedrine spansule)?

Posted 16 Jan 2015 by rxaware 1 answer

Hello, new to the form and was hoping to get a fast response. I am a college student who was diagnosed with ADHD last year. my doctor prescribed Concerta 36mg/day (XR ritilan) initially. I then switched to Adderall XR 20mg /day after 6 months because the Concerta was no longer working. Adderall ...

Will my brain, mood, memory, and happiness return or stay like this?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Logan123 3 answers

Recently I was out on generic Dexedrine 10mg er for adhd. Before being on this I was pretty normal, happy, no memory problems. But after taking this for a week I recently have felt a major brain fog, I'm also super depressed, unmotivated, and panicky. My memory is slow and so is my thinking ...

Do I have to take Dexedrine everyday for it to work properly?

Posted 23 Jul 2016 by Jimmy304 1 answer

I was prescribed 5mg tablet once a day. I've decided to start off with 2.5 mg a day to see how my body adjusts to the medication. I was would like to know if it would be wrong to only take the medication when needed - i.e. 2-3 times a week. I have a very important exam coming up in 3 weeks ...

Dexedrine - I have been on this drug for awhile, I have been staying awake but I noticed a change in

Posted 16 Jun 2016 by HKat17 0 answers

... my behavior-angry aggressive agitation and some times "tendencies". Has anyone had anything similar to this?

Brintellix? is this a more serotonergic drug then other antidepressants and how?

Posted 7 Jun 2016 by mrbear559 0 answers

does it differ from SSRI's? does it work on Nor epinephrine also and what do people think of my new cocktail. Brintellix 10mgs Latuda 60mgs, Depakote ER 250mgs BID Klonopin 2mgs BID Dexedrine ER 5mg Modafinil 100mg BID Vistaril 100mg at night?

Effexor + adderall/dexedrine?

Posted 26 Mar 2016 by mrckone 0 answers

Hi, Why does combining effexor with ritalin work like a charm BUT not at all with dexedrine/adderall ??? Thx - Chris

Has amybody else noticed a loss of appetite from Latuda? I'm taking Modafinil also but I dont take?

Posted 17 Feb 2016 by howielinux 2 answers

it every day nor did Nuvigil or Dexedrine cause this issue. I am thinking about dumping my Lexapro and adding Remeron again but could Modafinil take away the sedating H1 properties? Because I don’t want to eat at night but I could use an appetite aid in the day time. Remeron really worked ...

Dexedrine 5mg tablet stamp?

Posted 4 Feb 2016 by cdxo 1 answer

Hi, I recently got Dexedrine 5mg tablets from the pharmacy after almost running out of older tablets. The stamp on the tablet is different. The older tablets are from 2013. When I took the new tablets I felt no change--I was tired and lacked focus as usual. Today I took one of the old tablets and ...

Dexedrine, Citalopram and ativan?

Posted 24 Jan 2016 by LilynBella 3 answers

My psychiatrist has had me on these 3 meds for years. I have an eating disorder, anxietydisorder, depression, ptsd & ocd. I am not getting better. I hate taking them but my but if I don't take then I feel I am going out of my mind. Horrible nightmares on / off meds. Anxiety on/off meds. I ...

Dexedrine - Better for ADHD when Adderall causes anxiety and erectile dysfunction?

Posted 21 Aug 2015 by BrentDG 1 answer

I was finally diagnosed with adult ADHD 2 months ago at the age of 30. My psychiatrist put me on Adderall, XR which has allowed me to focus on one thing until it's done (instead of getting sidetracked a dozen times) for the first time in my life. It's really been great, being able to ...

5-year old with severe ADHD diagnosed just started Adderall?

Posted 9 Aug 2015 by nicoleteresa 1 answer

My 5-year old daughter was tested extensively and diagnosed with severe ADHD and Disruptive Behavior Disorder in October of 2014. She has been seeing a behavioral therapist since November of the same year. He suggested in May of 2015 that we start looking into getting her on a medication to help ...

Can the Sudafed and Tylenol Severe Sinus,cause you to prove positive for amphetamines on drug test?

Posted 18 Apr 2013 by denise crowe 2 answers

It's the meds you have to sign for at the pharmacy and can only purchase a certain amount in an alotted amount of time.They also contain Dexedrine.

Topomax tapering regimen?

Posted 31 Mar 2015 by dawnhopeful 1 answer

Which is the best way to taper topomax ( for weight loss) and start Dexedrine for ADHD and weight loss?

Does taking Dexedrine er 60mg total daily cross eliminate the adderrall xr 120mg prescribed?

Posted 17 Nov 2014 by rachelrose 1 answer

The results of my DNA testing, showed that I am a ultra rapid metabolizer. My adhd is severe that has caused many problems for me. After proper diagnosis, adderrall xr has gotten me back to where I feel somewhat better, however, my body breaks the medication down as fast as it hits my blood stream. ...

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