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Dermatological Disorders Questions

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Small itchy bumps on hands?

Posted 12 Jul 2013 17 answers

It's been weeks since ive developed this symptom, I guess you would say. It started sometime in June I'm thinking it is of some kind allergic reaction? Small little pussy bumps on my hands/fingers and some on my feet. They are real itchy, I pop them and put neosporin on it and cover with ...

Has anybody used fluorouracil 5% topical cream for only seven days only and get good results?

Posted 26 Jan 2016 by eedx2 2 answers

My Doctor, an MD, who prescribed fluorouracil 5% topical cream to spots on my face and was told to apply it twice a day just to the spots for seven days. A little back ground, I have had some previous skin problems in the past and been treated by freezing (cryo.) for a spot or two, one of which ...

How soon do you see results from using Targadox?

Posted 10 days ago by DMLiquidSpace 0 answers

I started taking Targadox for a skin condition around my nose and nostril. I have been on it for a week. I am just starting to feel tingling in the area that is affected.

Are there any alternatives to clobetasol propionate?

Posted 10 Jan 2017 by Fogz3 1 answer

I have bad scaly skin on my scalp that I was diagnosed with severe seborrheic dermatitis and this clobetasol propionate shampoo that I was prescribed was finally the first thing to ever work and clear my scalp up. But I have new insurance now and it is no longer covered and cost over $300. Are ...

Are you supposed to apply Hydroquinone 4% all over the face or just on the dark spots with a Q-Tip?

Posted 30 Nov 2016 by Dpitter13 0 answers

... I've been using the Q-Tip but haven't seen much results. It's only been a month since I started using it

Recently noticed abnormal skin condition in gentitle region. Can you help me figure out what it is?

Posted 8 Nov 2016 by bdw423 0 answers

It isn t possible for it to be an STD because he has only ever had one sexual partner and she was tested before they got together and the tests were negative. Not only does she not have anything, but they continued sexual activity after it started showing up and she doesn t have it. They have ...

Will prednisone affect current muscle mass?

Posted 7 Sep 2016 by Nikovla 0 answers

I have been prescribed prednisone 3 months ago as well as a form of isotretinoin for my skin condition. Just wondering if the prednisone will affect any muscle mass I have as I will most likely be taking the drug for 1-3 more months (3-6 total). I was first at 80 mg and the dosage drops every ten ...

Can I use a derma roller for skin conditions while taking gilenya for ms?

Posted 4 Mar 2016 by White truffle 0 answers

Wanted to improve same facial skin conditions such as scars and clarity ect... Wanted to know if taking Gilenya will impair healing and colegen building ect??? I understand that if I get infections that it may take longer to get better or may get worse so I am very hygienic with procedures and take ...

A stronger topical than Triamcinolone?

Posted 20 Sep 2015 by Roberta94019 1 answer

I was given the above named cream for cellulitis, a skin condition where there is an infection under the skin and causes a major ITCHY rash that[s about the size of the front of my lower leg. It is driving me up the wazoo,l can't sleep at night I have tried all the products at the natural ...

Concerned about taking prednisolone?

Posted 23 Mar 2015 by gridders100 3 answers

... I have been on paroxetine for 20 years (and will probably be on it permanently)I have developed a nasty skin condition which is getting me down with itching and lack of sleep.The Dr has prescribed prednisolone tablets. However because of my underlying depression/anxiety condition I am concerned ...

Allergic Reactions -My skin is swells up everyday, sometims evan my throat n tongue?

Posted 9 Feb 2015 by shane55 1 answer

... N am also havein things comein up on my skin n d only thing that is carry them away is the prednisolone i have to take everyday sometimes i take 5mg 10mg 20mg r more depend on how bad it is, was takein dis drug now bout 6 to 7 years now n i want to come off real bad, because all kinds of things ...

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