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My son had been on Lexapro for two years and prior to that over ten years of Zoloft?

Posted 1 day ago 1 answer

My son has been of Lexapro for two months and getting worse. He was on Zoloft prior for over ten years after it was prescribed to him due to the death of his brother my son. We thought that was what he needed but it turns out that he didn’t and that he was just taking it because the emergency ...

Are you an Organ Donor? What does your drivers license say about you?

Posted 6 Sep 2013 32 answers

Many people will live as my nephew has died, the accident in Florida killed him, but not before doctors could harvest his organs. What he did was a selfless act, by being an organ donor. My license says to harvest anything/everything, but that's just how I feel. Does your license say the ...

Wellbutrin - Anybody ever feel tired rather than energized on bupropion 150 SR?

Posted 22 Nov 2015 6 answers

Today is my 2nd day on bupropion 150 sr for major depression. I've been depressed for 2 yrs after my dad's horrible death.The doc said that in a couple of days I could take a 2nd 150sr pill. I was tired before trying this AD, but now it's worse. I still take Klonopin 1 mg at nite to ...

Metformin - off label use - weight loss?

Posted 15 Mar 2011 12 answers

First off, I take a boat load of psych meds, some of which tend to lead to weight gain. Second I recently gave up a 36 year cigarette habit that I loved to death, and have gained quite a bit in the last six weeks. I AM NOT seeking weight loss tips. Because of the weight gain, my Dr.prescribed ...

Can tramadol replace hydrocodone and prevent withdrawals from hydrocodone?

Posted 1 May 2011 3 answers

I am scared to death that I have a problem and I need some advice on this question. Anybody out there?

How long will percocet stay in my system I only took 1 and a half about 36 hours ago?

Posted 5 Jun 2012 2 answers

I never take it other wise. i had a headache and my gram-ma gave them to me. now I'm up for a drug test at my work and I'm scared to death i will fail my urine screen.

I am at my wits end. Don't know what to do?

Posted 27 Jan 2012 17 answers

Some of you know me and you know about this problem. It's becoming very acute. I need something for chronic anxiety, and my doc just doesn't care. He has all these crazy rules, such as he won't write a Benzo script for more than 10 pills. Although a few months ago it was 15 pills. ...

Is liver cirrhosis a death sentence?

Posted 28 May 2016 3 answers

I'm 36 years of age and I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in October 2013 after being rushed to hospital with bleeding varicies which had to be banded. Since then apart from a slip up in February 2014 I've not touched alcohol and I've been living a healthy life with plenty of ...

Facing death of a loved one any day now.. How do I stay strong for those around me?? I need some?

Posted 21 Nov 2013 9 answers

... serious coping skills. Thanks for your time

Why do I have so much pain across my mid back.Feels like Im being squeezed to death!?

Posted 12 Nov 2012 3 answers

Can anyone interpret my MRI,from a year ago,its say there are small disc/osteophytes complexes noted at T5-6 T6-7 T7-8 more broad at T8-9, T10-11and T11-12. These all result in mild thecal sac compression, but no "significant levels" of canal stenosis,cord compressions or foraminal ...

I just found out I was pregnant. I have been taking oxycodone 30mg, 1 every 4 to 6 hours. Im scared?

Posted 27 Sep 2011 3 answers

I am scared to death... im scared that im going to been in pain this whole pregnancy if they take me off the medicine. im scared for my baby if they keep me on the medicine. I have looked up the side effects but am still very concerned about every aspect of this pregnancy. someone please give me ...

I just found out that my mom has stage 1 breast cancer. The drs r pretty optimistic except she has?

Posted 20 Sep 2011 9 answers

A very rare bleeding disorder called Vonwillabrans disease, which whe she has, she bleeds internally, and its hard to find and.stop. I am scared to death and I just need support. Thx fam.

Death from fentanyl patches?

Posted 12 Feb 2011 5 answers

i have read all the reports & letters re fentanyl and have chosen it as a way to get out of this life. i am a Brit ,suffer from bi-Polar 2, am 68 years old and have been on FENTANYL for 12 years at 150mcgh. i have a little stash of about 50 of the 100 patches and 50 of the 50mcgh ones so ...

Xanax - Can alprazolam be prescribed in Australia I'm taking it long time in Macedonia?

Posted 7 Mar 2018 1 answer

I'm taking xanax about 10years,on and off.Because of to much stress in my life,my parents died in two years and my doctor said take xanax don't be afraid. But now I'm moving from Macedonia in Australia so what I want to know is could xanax be prescribed to me over there?if not how ...

Peripheral Neuropathy - I have Neuropathy and iam border line diabetic.My mom died from MS and every

Posted 6 Apr 2012 4 answers

... month my Neuropathy seems to be getting worse.Iam scared to death!!My doctor has put me throw every test out their,I just want to know will this kill me... Please tell me the truth. My name is Eric

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