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COVID-19: What are the Stages and Causes of Death?

What are the signs, symptoms and stages of COVID-19, and what causes death in COVID-19? How long do you spend in the ICU with COVID-19? How long do you have COVID-19 before you die?

How many people die from heart disease every year in the US?

Is heart disease a leading cause of death?

My cat got a shot of maropitant and died?

My cat went to the vet for throwing up and a bit lethargic. Had X-rays and blood work and all was ok. They gave him a shot of Maripitant and he passed away 2 hours later. Eyes and mouth wide open like a seizure? Can anyone answer my question of why?

Wellbutrin - Anybody ever feel tired rather than energized on bupropion 150 SR?

Today is my 2nd day on bupropion 150 sr for major depression. I've been depressed for 2 yrs after my dad's horrible death.The doc said that in a couple of days I could take a 2nd 150sr pill. I was tired before trying this AD, but now it's worse. I still take Klonopin 1 mg at nite to... read more

Metformin - off label use - weight loss?

First off, I take a boat load of psych meds, some of which tend to lead to weight gain. Second I recently gave up a 36 year cigarette habit that I loved to death, and have gained quite a bit in the last six weeks. I AM NOT seeking weight loss tips. Because of the weight gain, my Dr.prescribed... read more

Is liver cirrhosis a death sentence?

I'm 36 years of age and I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in October 2013 after being rushed to hospital with bleeding varicies which had to be banded. Since then apart from a slip up in February 2014 I've not touched alcohol and I've been living a healthy life with plenty of... read more

I am taking Xarelto. Diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. Can I safely take olive oil?

Have stopped smoking cold turkey after 30 years. Now at age 70, I am trying to eat smarter. The diagnosis of the pulmonary embolism, and subsequent near death experience has me walking on eggshells and thus trying to figure out what I can eat for better health. Have read the benefits of olive oil.... read more

I started taking Cymbalta 3 years ago when my grandson died. At first it helped but, I started to...

... have symptoms of depression and my doctor would raise the dose, until I was on 120mg which I’ve been on for quite sometime ( I still had depression and cried all the time). This doctor also prescribes pain medications and I wanted to quit taking them. I decided to quit using these drugs... read more

What Vaccines do I need if I'm over 50?

Would 5 doses of Valium and 5 doses of Dilaudid within an hour cause the death of my mom?

My mom was given five doses of Valium and 5 doses of Dilaudid by a healthcare professional who told her, my daughter, and me that it was to help her breathe easier. I think that it caused her death. She was already having trouble breathing from swelling in her abdomen, which needed to be drained.

What is hydroxyz pam 50mg?

My Dtr died March 1, 23 of a heart attack. This is a bottle of her medicine. What this medicine for?

Over the Counter Medication for Pets

I took 3 lunesta pills?

I have been sick for over a month real sick and the past week the family had 2 death and I haven't sleep in 4 days..I can't take it any more... did I just O.D. my self.ifi fall a sleep will I wake up or go in a coma? PLEASE HELPME

I now have type 2 diabetes. Rexulti is known to increase blood sugar. Has this happened to anyone?

Blood sugar is supposed to be test regularly when on Rexulti. Does anyone have blood tests taken? This drug warns of increased blood sugar. I almost died few months after taking this. I was in ICU for 6 days with DKA, severe diabetic keto acidosis.

Trying to get off Fioricet?

I’ve made up my mind that I want to completely come off Fioricet- I’ve been on it for 3-4 years taking 2-3 a day. I’m scared to death of doing this due to withdrawal effects. I’ve never been addicted to anything but I feel it’s time to cut this drug all together. Any... read more

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