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Cyclobenzaprine Questions

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How much cyclobenzaprine can I take?

How long does Flexeril stay in your system?

Can I take cyclobenzaprine and Tylenol together?

Can I take ibuprofen 800mg with cyclobenzaprine?

Will Flexarill stop severe lower back pain?

Ciatic nerve inflamed, sending pain down my right leg, with constant throbbing

I was on Soma 350,Dr. changed me to Cyclobenzaprine 10 mg, told me thar the D.E.A was taking Soma?

... off and would not be able to prescribe it any more, has anybody heard of this?

Which is stronger 10mg Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride or 4mg Tizanidine?

I fractured 7 vertebrate recently, then a few days ago, I sprained my ankle. I am on pain meds as well as 4 mg Tizanidine 4x/day. When I first fractured my vertebrate a few months ago they gave me flexoril (10mg's). I am not completely sure if I notice a difference between the two (been on... read more

Will cyclobenzaprine show up on drug test?

Cyclobenzaprine - Has anyone gotten severe leg cramps after taking 10 mg of this med?

I took 10 mg at bedtime last night. Four hours later I was in agony. My left leg was cramped from toes to hip. My right foot and calf were cramping. I thought I was going to have to go the emergency room. Drank some tonic water which helped but woke up two hours later with the same pain. Took 600... read more

Has anyone experienced a severe rash due to taking cyclobenzaprine 10 mg? I have been taking one?

... daily for 2 months for fibromyalgia and I have suddenly developed a rash over my entire body save for my face, hands and feet. My doc and a dermatologist are baffled... apparently reactions such as this would show up sooner

Can u take tramadol an cyclobenzaprine?

Is it safe to mix cyclobenzaprine and valium ?

I've been on valium for anxiety for years now, but recently I've been having problems after moving and was prescribed cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxant). Is it safe to mix the two?

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