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Did Losartan make you bruise easy and feel bad?

Posted 18 Dec 2010 13 answers

I have been taking Losartan for 8 months and recently I have started to bruise easy and I just do not feel well. My DR says it is just in my head. But I also feel like I am having axiety all the time. I read on my sheet from the pharmacy that these are all side effects but my Dr thinks that those... read more

Cozaar - What are the sexual side effects of Losartan, i.e.: erectile dysfunction?

Posted 29 Mar 2013 1 answer

I am currently on Lisinipril and Atenolol. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I have been having problems with ED for some 7 years. Sometimes Viagra helps but certainly not most of the time. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Is it best to take Cozaar in the morning or at night?

Posted 21 Oct 2009 1 answer

I am a non-dipper which may be relevant.

Does Cozaar contain a diuretic?

Posted 8 Aug 2009 1 answer

Does cozaar cause erectile dysfunction?

Posted 27 Aug 2010 1 answer

i have been taking alpha blockers and benazeperil all of which cause erectile dysfunction and decrease in my sex life, does cozaar cause erectile dysfunction?

Edarbyclor - What are replacement drugs?

Posted 11 Oct 2012 2 answers

Cozaar or Cardura and a diuretic?

Is Cozaar a good alternative to Diovan ?

Posted 31 Jan 2014 1 answer

Currently I take Diovan 40 mg... I would like to find a generic alternative. What would you recommend ?

What drugs can cause UTI?

Posted 2 Sep 2014 1 answer

Have started several new meds,vit d & b12, lexapro,Lipitor,xarelto & cozaar. Can any of these cause or have side effect of UTI ?

Blood Thinners - Is Cozaar a blood thinner?

Posted 29 Jul 2017 1 answer

I am having spinal injections in 2 weeks. I just started Cozaar do I need to stop taking it a week before the injections?

Do any blood pressure medicines affect the prostate?

Posted 8 Mar 2014 1 answer

does Norvasc, Coreg ,Avodart or Cozaar cause inflammation of the prostate

Does cozaar or lozol contain sulfa?

Posted 31 Jul 2009 1 answer

Can I split a 100mg tablet of cozaar?

Posted 13 Mar 2010 1 answer

I need to take 50mg am and 50mg pm and 100mg would be cheaper!

Can Cozaar and Indapamide be taken together ?

Posted 12 May 2011 2 answers

Your information sheets on Cozaar indicated that drugs that will affect Cozaar are: a diuretic... (water pill). Thanks

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