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Concussion Questions

We found 11 questions associated with the 'Concussion' topic.

I slipped 4 days ago fell backwards and hit the back of my head. I'm still having headaches?

Posted 9 Nov 2016 by Moonchevre 3 answers

I went to the doctor the day after and they determined I didn't need an x-ray cos there's no fractures. I feel somewhat stoned since it happened. My neck had been stiff and recently it feels like I've been chewing on gum for so long that my jaw and temples ache. There's ...

Depakote ER - Can Depakote 500 mg bid be taken with Adipex 37.5 mg daily?

Posted 3 days ago by GetWorkDone 1 answer

Taking Depakote 500mg bid/day for partial seizures with photophobia status post concussion from mva for 1.5 years now. I used to take Adipex 37.5mg to loose weight, but in the process found out it was AMAZING helping me with concentration and getting things done. That's when I self-diagnosed ...

Can I go under anesthesia right after a concussion?

Posted 2 May 2017 by fl5911176 1 answer

Hello :) I got a concussion on Thursday, April 27 and I am scheduled to have my wisdom teeth removed this coming Thursday, May 4. (I still have a mild headache but I am willing to lie to the doctor because there is no other time in the next few months that I can have the operation.) If I recently ...

Is Valium or Xanax more likely to cause loss of short term memory?

Posted 3 Nov 2017 by Sunflower55 2 answers

I was given Valium after a car accident, in which I suffered a bad concussion. I do NOT remember most of the night. I take Xanax as needed, and have never lost memory with it, though I have with Klonapin and Lorazepam. The hospital gave this Valium just before releasing me to police, who charged me ...

Is it OK to take two 325 mg Bayer aspirin and one extra strength migraine Excedrin and hour apart?

Posted 9 Jun 2018 by Cmdooley 1 answer

I had a concussion which led to a fracture on my forehead. I took two Bayer aspirin 325mg at 11 p.m so is it OK to take one migraine extra strength.

Is tapering off 0.25 mg of Xanax taken once daily before sleep necessary?

Posted 21 May 2016 by Ivander1992 1 answer

I have been taking 0.25mg of Xanax once per day before sleep for the past 4 months due to Concussion issues. I want to stop taking it soon so i was wondering if tapering off is necessary in this case? Also kinda offtopic i just started taking Dexamethasone today so i was wondering if there are ...

Would Klonopin or Xanax be best for someone who has had 3 concussions?

Posted 20 Oct 2016 by JSA848688 1 answer

I am on Celexa for depression, and have been on Klonopin for a while, but I just read that Klonopin affects chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and CAUSE anxiety. I mainly need a benzo on an as-needed basis and I would like to try changing to the extended release Xanax tablets rather ...

Can Neurontin be used for concussion?

Posted 15 Nov 2016 by Mpenter 2 answers

I think I have a concussion but I'm not sure and don't know who to turn to?

Posted 19 May 2017 by lexielou03 1 answer

Yesterday when I was getting out of the car I hit my head pretty hard off the top of the door frame. As the night went on I got super tired, dazed out a bit, the whole room was spinning and I got nauseous, and my head felt like it was going to explode. I got extremely scared as soon as I hit my ...

Healed Head Injury? Please Help?

Posted 28 Jun 2016 by helpmeee 1 answer

About two years ago I made the mistake of skating down a hill without a helmet and I fell and got a minor head injury/concussion. Ive gone back to the doctors to get MRIs and cat skans and they always come back saying I'm fine, however I get sick atleast twice a month. I've read that ...

Lamictal - Am wobbly on my feet. Trip frequently. Anybody else?

Posted 8 Aug 2016 by Letsgomets 1 answer

Am 66 female healthy takin LAM for bi polar. Fell 5 weeks ago, have been tripping a lot. Sustained concussion. Doctors think it could be the LAM. Thanks.

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