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Clostridial Infection Questions

Related terms: Clostridium difficile-Associated Diarrhea, CDAD, CDI, Clostridium difficile Infection


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I have had "C-Diff" and am very anxious when I have to take antibiotics?

Posted 2 Apr 2013 by Sheila Elliott 3 answers

what can I do to reduce possibility of contracting it again when taking antibiotics?

Can Penicillin Vk 500mg tablets(white oval S21) be cut in 1/2?

Posted 23 Dec 2010 by sunshine45 2 answers

Can Penicillin Vk 500mg tablets (white oval S51) be cut in 1/2? 250mg can be taken per dose. There's no line on the tablet, but I'm pretty sure they're not time released. I'm taking them for a sinus infection/upper respitory track infection.

How long might it take Vancomycin to take effect?

Posted 2 Aug 2014 by rumford286 1 answer

I have been taking it for 2 days now for C Diff and I see very little change in the severity of my diarrhea. Any advice or experiences that might help me?

Vancomycin - I'm onDay 6 of Vanco 4x's per day. Day 3 I started having normal stools. Today, Day 6,?

Posted 1 Feb 2012 by sseidenberger 1 answer

... I had one normal stool followed by one with loose bowels, and a third one like diarrhea. Does this happen to anyone else? Could it have been the coffee I had with breakfast followed by taking my Vanco, Florasor probiotic, and some yogurt?

Fidaxomicin - anyone know where I can get some before October, when its supposed to be available?

Posted 11 Jun 2011 by newmolly 1 answer

8 years w/ c-diff, 15 rounds of Vanco and a fecal transplant and still positive really hoping Dificid will save my life. age 68 female.

I got C.diff after taking clindamycin HCl for dental work. How long does C HCl stay in the body?

Posted 29 Mar 2016 by espbooks 0 answers

Last year I took clindamycin HCl for a dental procedure and got diarrhea, colitis and tested positive for Clostridium difficile. Recently and Functional Medicine doctor said that clindamycin stays in the body long after it has been taken. How long does clindamycin stay in the body? If you ...

Tingling on bottom of feet,ankle,knee joints, lower leg muscle pain?

Posted 29 Jul 2016 by 123red 1 answer

allergic reaction to flagyl. any suggestions??? on what would help relieve this pain.

Does c diff reoccur after a second bout?

Posted 13 Dec 2014 by suziq128 1 answer

I was diagnosed with c diff on 11/7/14 and took 10 days of Flagyl. I am 67 years old and it came back within 2 weeks of finishing Flagyl. What are the chances of it coming back after taking 14 days of Vancomycin? I can't afford to take another round. This prescribe cost $429.00.

My mother, age 83, was prescribed Vancomycin HCL 125 mg capsules for 14 days @ 1 every 6 hours to?

Posted 1 Mar 2015 by swedeak 1 answer

... treat clostridium difficile. After 2 days of taking this medication she has extremely red/bloodshot eyes, is very confused, and has fallen twice. The staff at her assisted living facility is very concerned. Does she need to go to an ER?

Metronidazole - I've been prescribed 500 mg Flagyl 4 x per day along with Cipro 500 mg x 2 per day?

Posted 28 Feb 2018 by Debbiebooth 0 answers

I've been prescribed 500 mg Flagyl 4 x per day along with 500 mg Cipro 2 x per day for C-Diff. It sounds like a lot so I'm just a little worried. Please respond

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