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Can a woman have sex while taking clomid?

Posted 26 May 2013 by okwii 1 answer

Pregnancy - does bromergon and clomid helps in fertility?

Posted 13 Apr 2012 by mercy obojeghren 1 answer

i find it difficult getting pregnant

Can I start taking clomid after my period stops? Or do I have to take it during my cycle?

Posted 2 Mar 2015 by GoddessSpencer 1 answer

Dr. Gave me 5 days worth of clomid, unfortunately I wasn't able to get it right away, and my period has already ended. He also gave me provera to start today, and take for 2 weeks every month for 6 months.So should I wait til my next cycle to start my clomid? ?


Posted 25 Aug 2009 by Eve2 3 answers

After stillbirth in my 16thweeks, my doctor is monitering me to ovulate again. he gave me metformin+clomid+vitamin E. i want to know if it's ok take all at once. or is there any side effect.

Does clomid affect hypo-thyroid patients?

Posted 19 Dec 2010 by icecream2 3 answers

The doctor prescribed Clomid and I read that it should not be taken by those having thyroid problems. I have hypo-thyroid and taking Thyrodixcin 75mg/day and latest TSH blood test was normal. Is it safe to take Clomid? thank you

Abdominal pain after Clomid use normal?

Posted 13 Mar 2011 by doodlebugcrafts 2 answers

I started Clomid two weeks ago and should be ovulating today or tomorrow. Friday I started having major pain when I sit down or stand up. It feels almost like a stabbing knife pain. I've also become really tender to the touch on my lower abdomen. Worried about the posibility of ...

Finished 5 day Clomid dose but don't know when I'm ovulating or how to tell???

Posted 26 Oct 2012 by ash30 2 answers

I"m 30 years old and never have had regular menstrual cycles so my OBGYN gave me Provera for 7 days which started my cycle then on the 5th day of cycle I started Clomid. I finished the Clomid 5 days ago (10/21/2012) but I have no idea what my ovulation schedule is or how to find out. How do I ...

Clomiphene - I have fibroids, can I take clomid?

Posted 21 Apr 2012 by Ronkus 1 answer

Iam about using clomid but i have fibroids, i want to know if i can use clomids

How soon after taking Medroxyprogesterone can I start my Clomid?

Posted 1 Sep 2009 by vfrogs 2 answers

My husband and I are trying to concieve, I've had no period for the last 2 months, my doctor gave me medroxyprogesterone (10 days) to give me a period. He wants me to be on Yaz for a month then on Clomid, why can't I take the Clomid right after the period? Is is not like a real period? ...

What are the side effects of Clomid on the fetus if you take it while you are already pregnant?

Posted 7 Mar 2010 by jade30 1 answer

I had taken 1 cycle of clomid while I was already unknowingly pregnant. Can you tell me what the side effects or consequences would be to my baby? I took the clomid while I was 3 weeks pregnant and I had a full period so I took the clomid from day 4 to day 8 of my menstral period. I later found out ...

How clomid & siphene 100 tablets are similar?

Posted 24 Nov 2010 by taniya 1 answer

last month i use clomid, but this monts i use siphen 100 tablets from 2nd day of my period, my question is the function of these medicine siphene100 &clomid is equall

I have taken two rounds of clomid and I still have not become pregnant, Why can't I get pregnant?

Posted 31 Mar 2011 by nana06 2 answers

According to my general doctor I am healthy, why can't I get pregnant?

Can I take bromergon, clomid and metformin at the same time?

Posted 26 Sep 2012 by amarachic 1 answer

i was diagnosed of polycystic ovaries and over shooting prolactin level. am not so confident with my prescriptions, what do i do?

Has anyone heard of Ovamid 25 clomifene tablets?

Posted 13 Oct 2012 by sde8412 2 answers

So I'm suppose to take clomid to help with ovulation, I don't have insurance and it's pretty expensive. I was told to try and order it online because it would be cheaper. So I did but when I got the medicine it is an off brand called Ovamid 25, clomifene tablets. It's in a ...

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