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Clitoris Questions

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My 3 year-old daughter has cuts at the base of her clitoris what can I do to relieve her pain?

Posted 29 May 2013 by 2me 3 answers

My 3 year-old daughter just called me while she was in the loo after peeing, she complained about pain on her vagina. When i checked i saw that as the base of her clitoris is red and has small cuts on both sides of the clitoris (on the skin folds). The cuts looks similar to the cuts that most ...

My clitoris/vagina hurts immensely - HELP?

Posted 27 Mar 2018 by throwawayaccount444 1 answer

I usually masturbate by rubbing my clitoris (penetration freaks me out) and recently I noticed that at the slightest touch of my hand, it just HURTS. When I walk in a certain way it hurts, when my clothing rubs me it hurts, and when i lay on my stomach it hurts. I saw online that it may be swollen ...

Sharp pain in clitoris?

Posted 26 Mar 2017 by Rosieavafly 1 answer

I have sharp pains going through my clitoris. These worsen when I cross my legs or do any sort of movement. The pain started a few hours ago and got so bad that I couldn't focus on my work and had to take an extra strength Tylenol which barely helped. It feels like a cut or something but ...

Why is my clitoris sore?

Posted 15 Dec 2017 by Teengirl19 1 answer

My clitoris has been sore on and off lately It started when I was at my boyfriends house a week ago but it went away until I was at home it started again for a good few hours and it hurt more I peed so I stopped drinking anything to do with sugar because growing up I had the same pain if I had to ...

Fluconazole may have started working, but then stopped?

Posted 27 Aug 2016 by AmAmo 2 answers

I have a yeast infection, which I have had for maybe 2 weeks now for taking a lot of antibiotics. My yeast infection causes my clitoris to be hypersensitive and makes me feel like I need to urinate all the time. I started use gyno-daktarin cream which got rid of the itchiness and and the burning. ...

Pain and swelling in my clit?

Posted 4 Mar 2017 by Random1234 1 answer

Recently I've been feeling pain down in my clit, when I move or cross my legs and stuff, so I felt it and it was swollen but mostly just on the right side or it. Someone told me I could've accidentally scratched it while touching myself but I don't feel a cut or anything.

My clitoris and outer vagina region stings to the touch. Only burns occasionally when I pee?

Posted 17 Sep 2017 by jane98 1 answer

When I wipe it hurts. No funky smell or discharge. I am freaking out! I have taken a couple of baths and that soothes it but then it starts hurting again. What do I do?

Why does my clitoris hurt?

Posted 29 Aug 2018 by Mirajane178 0 answers

I've already seen a gynecologist, but even she has no idea what's wrong. My entire clit, and the skin around it HURTS like crazy. Even the lightest touch is painful. This has been going on for almost a year, but it's gotten the point where I'm fed up with it. My doctor is ...

Intercourse two days ago, and since then my Clitoris has been itchy. can someone help?

Posted 7 Jun 2015 by allyandrea14 1 answer

i had intercourse two days ago, yesterday i started getting this itchy sensation around my clitoris. since then ive taken three showers and nothings really gone away. it doesnt burn when i urinate, it just itches. i went to the bathroom and touched around it and it feels a bit swollen. can anyone ...

Mirena side effects or is she just making an alibi not to have sex?

Posted 20 Oct 2017 by banga123 2 answers

My wife had Mirena implanted 2 years ago., However lately she dont want to have sex with me because of sensitivity of he clitoris and nipple. She always complains during sex and ended not to continue our session. Please advise if this is part of Mirena side effect or she just making an excuse not ...

How long after taken tamoxifen will my clitoris go down?

Posted 22 Jun 2017 by Lightskun74 1 answer

I been on tamoxifen for about 8 months and my clitoris is very large. How long will it take to go down since I am not taking it anymore?

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