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Chronic Kidney Disease Questions

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Is omeprazole (Prilosec) bad for your kidneys?

How long does it take for Farxiga to work?

What is Farxiga used for and how does it work?

Can Farxiga cause kidney damage?

When should I take Kerendia?

Does Kerendia lower blood pressure?

Jesduvroq vs. Aranesp: How do they compare?

What is Rayaldee used for?

Has anyone here suffered from chronic kidney stones?

For at least the last 15 years I have formed kidney stones on a regular basis. 6 years ago I had 16 kidney stones in one month. They had to put a stint into my ureters and into my bladder because I was forming them so fast. I've had surgery once because I couldn't pass the stones one on... read more

Will taking Xanax worsen my kidney disease?

I have high anxiety due to many reasons and just finding out I have CKD has only made it worse. The only way I get any sleep is by taking Xanax, but I'm not sure what effect that has on my kidneys.

I have CKD. My GFR was 28 and it is 35 now. How can that be if you can't improve kidney function?

Is this just a fluke or can my GFR actually improve from stage 4 to stage 3? Every thing I have read states the diease cannot be reversed.

Is fentanyl safe to use when you have CKD?

I have stage 4 CKD and also have chronic nerve damage so I have lots of pain. I’ve been using fentanyl patches and oxycodone for years wanting to know if it interferes with my CKD?

Is it safe to take Cymbalta when you have CKD?

What Stage of CKD should you start Farxiga?

HI, My daughter is 20 years old, with borderline CKD stage One, I cant find anything on the web on what stage of CKD should you start taking this medication, my biggest fear is taking to early, will prevent her from having healthy babies, other side effects, since she is only 20 years old, her last... read more

How do I know if pharbetol is an NSAID or not?

I know that pharbetol is Tylenol plus one ingredient which I don't know and after seeing side effects list, I wonder if it has NSAID properties. I'm not supposed to take NSAIDS due to CKD but was recently prescribed it following hospitalization.

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