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Cetirizine Questions

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Pregnancy - Is cetirizine safe for pregnant women?

Im 5 months pregnant and I have been taking this for my skin allergies every other day. Im afraid it may have side effects for my baby.

Generic Zyrtec?

Need more info about the generic availability of Zyrtec. Thanks.

I take Cetirizine for allergies but it makes me dizzy, what else can I try?

I had an allergic reaction 10 years back and my doctors prescribed me to take cetrizine. I have taken cetrizine at that time and regularly taking it because if i leave it for a day or two severe itching starts all over my body. But once i take cetrizine it goes off. I am having a side effect with... read more

In pregnancy anti allergic in 3rd trimester like cetirizine or levocetrizine-is it safe?

A lady carrying 7th month pregnancy is having itching in hands & feet suddenly without any allergic history what should be given--pranay

Stopping cetirizine (generic form of zyrtec)?

I have been taking cetirizine almost daily for the past year and a half. I decided to stop taking this two nights ago (not worth the side effects I had) and I have been itching badly. My back, thighs, neck, and head have been the worst. Parts of my skin has hives and are very red. I am currently a... read more

How long can I take cetirizine hydrochloride during this season?

I purchased a bottle of 45, 24 hour tablets.

Does the medicine cetirizine have any relation to penicillin?

its a antibiotic

Cetirizine (Zrytec) Effects of increased dosage/used in conjunction with other allergy meds?

1) I take Cetirizine HCI 10mgs before bed for allergies - then wake up early in the am (around 2 or 4) with my symptoms back (sore throat, stuffed nose, itchy inner ears, frequent "hard" sneezes, runny nose). It's been about 2 weeks now, at this point I think I may have something... read more

Has anyone experienced insomnia after stpping cetirizine?

I took cetirizine, intermittently, as needed, through the allergy season and stopped after first frost. I have many allergies, so I also take it when, I feel it might be of some help. For the last month, I've had insomnia, which has never been a problem before. I've quit coffee and a few... read more

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