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Cataplexy Questions

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Does Clomipramine cause anyone else's taste buds to go numb?

Posted 15 Jan 2018 by MommaDe 0 answers

I'm taking Clomipramine for Cataplexy, depression and OCD. I am experiencing the muscle twitches and full body jerks and dry mouth. The one side effect that bothers me is my sense of taste is screwed up. Sometimes things taste like soap, sometimes there is a metallic taste in my mouth and all ...

Has anyone else been on venlafaxine/Effexor for 23 years? I have been concerned about long term use?

Posted 9 Jun 2017 by TiredOfBeingSick2 2 answers

It worked well for my depression in the past. I took 75mg of Effexor XR with no need of increase for years. Was increased to 150 mg a number of years ago. Then the generic venlafaxine. Increased to 200 mg a a few years ago. As of Jan this year couldn't take the XR form due to insurance. Other ...

Increases my effexor 75 MG to 150?

Posted 17 Jul 2014 by KevinD96 1 answer

My doctor put me on mood stabilizes cause I was irritable from the effexor and then after she told me that I might need to increase my effexor to 150 MG if the mood stabilizes don't work. Should I increase it my self, cause the mood stabilizes are helping with my anxiety or irritability.

Will a muscle relaxant like Flexeril make my cataplexy worse?

Posted 17 Oct 2014 by JennieLee 3 answers

I have narcolepsy with cataplexy (cataplexy: a sudden episode of muscle weakness typically triggered by strong emotions) and I was recently prescribed flexeril for some back muscle pain, but since it is a muscle relaxant I am worried if it will make my cataplexy worse.

Is it safe to take both 200mg Zoloft & 187.5mg Effexor?

Posted 26 Apr 2014 by Anonymous1337 1 answer

I am prescribed to take both, but I've been getting unruly side effects. The side effects I've been experiencing are shakiness, mild vomiting, racing heartbeat, dizziness, and an overall uneasy/weak feeling. I'm used to the headaches and some nausea, but ever since my Effexor was ...

I am on Citalopram for Narcolepsy. Are there any other substitute drugs?

Posted 24 Feb 2012 by lchilson 1 answer

It is suppose to help with cataplexy. Does it really?

Doses anyone know ways to hepl control cataplexy other than medication and diet?

Posted 29 Mar 2012 by james.r 1 answer

i was deignosed with narcolepsy/cataplexy about jun last year. i have had trubles with loss of control of my body, luckly i can still control my bladder. after i lose control i often hit the floor and when its over ppl say i become angry for a sort time, and the specialist says that coz a side ...

Why do they take yor driver license haveing cataplexy and why is ther no definet cure and what are?

Posted 9 Mar 2011 by dericke 1 answer

... The stages I will go through in my life

I suffer from narcolepsy/cataplexy now for 4 yrs, have been on so many medications from specialists?

Posted 23 Mar 2010 by sleepy22 3 answers

is there a bit more information on this drug? why are they saying its a date/rape drug, because your in such a deep sleep. i have an autistic son and i have to be able to care for him also during the nights if needed. i am really scared to try another drug, and with this one it seems to be hard at ...

How do I know if I have lost too much weight from illness? I am SCARED?

Posted 2 Nov 2009 by rfoehl71 3 answers

In July I weighed 126 lbs. I was a 5'2" 38 yr. woman with a healthy muscular build with Narcolepsy, REM Sleep Disorder, and arthritis all in managed control since 2005. In April I was diagnosied with and started treatment for Fibromyalgia, and recently (2 weeks) learned there is damage to ...

Cataplexy - ever since I had my daughter Chloe just shy of 10 yrs ago strange things have been?

Posted 21 Oct 2009 by pippin36 1 answer

... happening to me,I spoke to a few drs.and finally got one to listen to me and I have appt @1.40 tomorrow,but scared out of my mind??? I have experienced these attacks daily,4-5 times daily.Iam just really scared and worried!

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