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Cataplexy Questions

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Increases my effexor 75 MG to 150?

Posted 17 Jul 2014 by KevinD96 1 answer

My doctor put me on mood stabilizes cause I was irritable from the effexor and then after she told me that I might need to increase my effexor to 150 MG if the mood stabilizes don't work. Should I increase it my self, cause the mood stabilizes are helping with my anxiety or irritability.

Will a muscle relaxant like Flexeril make my cataplexy worse?

Posted 17 Oct 2014 by JennieLee 3 answers

I have narcolepsy with cataplexy (cataplexy: a sudden episode of muscle weakness typically triggered by strong emotions) and I was recently prescribed flexeril for some back muscle pain, but since it is a muscle relaxant I am worried if it will make my cataplexy worse.

Is it safe to take both 200mg Zoloft & 187.5mg Effexor?

Posted 26 Apr 2014 by Anonymous1337 1 answer

I am prescribed to take both, but I've been getting unruly side effects. The side effects I've been experiencing are shakiness, mild vomiting, racing heartbeat, dizziness, and an overall uneasy/weak feeling. I'm used to the headaches and some nausea, but ever since my Effexor was ...

I am on Citalopram for Narcolepsy. Are there any other substitute drugs?

Posted 24 Feb 2012 by lchilson 1 answer

It is suppose to help with cataplexy. Does it really?

Doses anyone know ways to hepl control cataplexy other than medication and diet?

Posted 29 Mar 2012 by james.r 1 answer

i was deignosed with narcolepsy/cataplexy about jun last year. i have had trubles with loss of control of my body, luckly i can still control my bladder. after i lose control i often hit the floor and when its over ppl say i become angry for a sort time, and the specialist says that coz a side ...

Why do they take yor driver license haveing cataplexy and why is ther no definet cure and what are?

Posted 9 Mar 2011 by dericke 1 answer

... The stages I will go through in my life

I suffer from narcolepsy/cataplexy now for 4 yrs, have been on so many medications from specialists?

Posted 23 Mar 2010 by sleepy22 3 answers

is there a bit more information on this drug? why are they saying its a date/rape drug, because your in such a deep sleep. i have an autistic son and i have to be able to care for him also during the nights if needed. i am really scared to try another drug, and with this one it seems to be hard at ...

How do I know if I have lost too much weight from illness? I am SCARED?

Posted 2 Nov 2009 by rfoehl71 3 answers

In July I weighed 126 lbs. I was a 5'2" 38 yr. woman with a healthy muscular build with Narcolepsy, REM Sleep Disorder, and arthritis all in managed control since 2005. In April I was diagnosied with and started treatment for Fibromyalgia, and recently (2 weeks) learned there is damage to ...

Cataplexy - ever since I had my daughter Chloe just shy of 10 yrs ago strange things have been?

Posted 21 Oct 2009 by pippin36 1 answer

... happening to me,I spoke to a few drs.and finally got one to listen to me and I have appt @1.40 tomorrow,but scared out of my mind??? I have experienced these attacks daily,4-5 times daily.Iam just really scared and worried!

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