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Cardiac Arrhythmia Questions

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Wellbutrin, has anyone experienced hard or rapid & irregular heartbeats, muscle back pain, insomnia?

Loss of appetite and cannot gain any weight? This all makes me anxious and the whole reason I went on it was for depression and anxiety! Anyone out there have any similiar symptoms or have an educated reason why I am having these side effects? Help!

Anyone experience weird heart rate/irregular heart beat when they began buspirone>

I began taking buspirone about 4 days ago. Taking 10mg morning and night. I struggle with anxiety. I do feel like my anxiety has been better, but I cannot get more than 5-4 hours of sleep at night. I also noticed my heart rate has been lower most of the time, which is fine. But last night while I... read more

Is Losartan causing my Insomnia and other symptoms?

Was taking Amlodipine for many years. Developed an irregular heartbeat attributed to Amlodipine September 2020. Blood pressure was high, so started on 100 mgs Losartan max dose daytime, and 10 mgs Bystolic nightime. I had a stuffy and bloody nose, loose stools, anxiety (I have GAD), and Insomnia.... read more

Please help with my medication interactions?

I have a question. I am on 6 medications. They seem to have very bad interactions with one another I don't know where to began I don't know where to start. Doing my own research confused me more. I don't know who to turn to I could really use some help so can somebody please find it... read more

What is the recommended dose of coq10 per day for a 78 yr old woman with irregular heart beat?

I have always had very good cholesterol but on last blood test about 2 weeks ago , good cholesterol was still high , but the bad one had gone up. He put me on simvastatin which is a statin drug . He did that one time a few months ago and after about 2 weeks I stopped it by myself because it was... read more

Can metoprolol tartrate 50 mg be replaced by metoprolol er suc 50 mg?

Mother-in law ran out of her metoprolol tartrate 50 mg which she takes twice a day for irregular heartbeat... I take metoprolol er sus 50 mg..we are out of town for a few days... can she take mine for a few days with no I'll effect?

First time Zoloft - random dizziness spells/irregular heartbeat at times?

Hello all, my health anxiety is getting to me today, today is the 2nd day on Zoloft and Ive read that many of these side effects are considered common/normal and will go away in time, I just need some reassurance for gods sake I keep freaking myself out haha! I am only on 25mg of it... I take it at... read more

Entresto - Has anyone experience irregular heartbeat on this medicine if so how long does it take...

... this side effect to go away?

Heart irregularities - sertraline?

The reviews of sertraline seem to be so positive. Has anyone experienced any irregular heart beats? It feels like it's skipping a beat. I didn't take my sertraline yesterday and my heart was normal. I took it again today and the skips have come back again?

Does wellbutrin cause irregular heartbeat?

Had losartan 100mg hctz25mg added to 25mg atenolol. pulse very low and bp dropped low. Dr. says to?

drop the atenolol but keep taking the lorsartan which is the meds that causes all the awful side effects like confusion, lightheadedness, weak or irregular heartbeat, feeling flushed , pounding heart, etc. etc. Doesn't make sense to me.

What happens if you dont take Diltiazem and your out in the sun and heat for a prolonged period of?

... time? I wanna know because my girlfriend is on that because of her irregular heartbeats and she didnt take her medicine and was out in the sun for a prolonged period of time and then ended up in the emergency room with a fever and her heart rate was sky high!

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