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Could I have Serotonin Syndrome?

Posted 8 Dec 2012 by anonymoususer 7 answers

I have been taking Lexapro for about 6 years now, and in the past year I have experienced some very strange occurrences. The first time was after smoking about a gram of cannabis across a period of three hours. I felt panic and like I was going to throw up or pass out, not knowing which it was ...

Cannabis - Can I take CBD oil with tramadol?

Posted 4 Oct 2017 by Cshatto 3 answers

Cannabis Oil for severe pain?/ My mother lives in Tennessee and has found an Amish store?

Posted 24 Nov 2017 by ChelleKay 2 answers

that sells organic Cannabis Oil without THC. Has anyone tried this with good results?? And is there any difference in the Organic or Medical Cannabis Oil? My doctor is "urging" me to try this and come off Fentanyl patch completely. I have doubts. Any experience with this will be ...

Sertraline - Is this the right thing for me to do?

Posted 31 Jan 2018 by Markus88 0 answers

I have been down all my life pretty much I’m a 29yr old male. Daily cannabis user for about 15years! I have stopped smoking and started these tablets. I’m very scared I will become dependent on the drug. I hate the thought of taking something to make me feel good like cannabis! I really ...

Any info on Cannabis oil?? Good bad?

Posted 1 Sep 2017 by GaryBry7722 1 answer

Cannabis - we want to join a group to advocate and promote legalization in Florida We live in...

Posted 28 Oct 2017 by dchristal 0 answers

... Boynton Beach where is the closest group

Hydroxyzine(Atarax) + Cannabis?

Posted 1 Mar 2014 by hejsansvejsan 1 answer

Are there any known drug interactions with Hydroxyzine and Medical Cannabis?

Cannabis - Can it help motor neurone disease?

Posted 7 Sep 2017 by Carole Dawson 0 answers

Loss of mobility and speech

Sacred Lotus - Can Blue lotus act as an anti-emetic?

Posted 30 Jun 2017 by a949494 0 answers

I am a 23 year old female and I suffer from extreme anxiety induced sickness and nausea, I usually use cannabis to try and control it but I have stopped smoking and I am finding the anxiety and sickness crippling. I have tried lots of herbal remedies such as ginger and peppermint to no avail. I am ...

How quickly is Xeloda known to work?

Posted 28 Jun 2016 by happierman1 1 answer

Our oncologist states "4-5 weeks". Background: In March 2016, my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, metastasized to her liver; and told she would be dead by the end of 2016 IF she sought no treatment. Two weeks later she had her next antigen 27.29 and CEA blood tests/ On ...

Does this combination decrease effectiveness of any medications, are the any health concerns?

Posted 8 Jul 2016 by SonBel 0 answers

21 year old female, (165cm, 64kg) diagnosed with PCOS currently taking Duromine 40mg, Diaformin 500mg, Spiractine 100mg, I am also a heavy smoker and smoke cannabis on a nightly basis.

Small Cell Lung Cancer - I would like to be a member of this group as my mom is battling small cell?

Posted 4 Mar 2016 by Wendy Schroeder xyz2 1 answer

... carcinoma, I was also wondering if anybody knew what type of cannabis oil would help for small Cell... I have been doing some research, I have seen on other sites that they're talking about stage for a small cell and my mom's doctor said there were only two stages stage 1 and ...

Cannabis oil for epilepsy?

Posted 26 May 2016 by Roxy Poxy 0 answers

Has anyone been using medical cannabis oil to treat ther epilepsy? How well has it been working, what strain and how much?

Burning Mouth Syndrome - Has anybody else found that medical cannabis has relieved their symptoms?

Posted 28 Dec 2012 by Lindajoy53 3 answers

... I live in New Mexico (not Mexico) and have been using Medical Cannabis since June and now find it is no longer a problem

Effexor and other recreational drugs? I have a close family member who has been smoking cannabis on?

Posted 17 Oct 2011 by afteradvice 6 answers

... occasion for the last 10yrs and is now suffering with depression (depression has occured due to other health concerns not the cannabis use) The doctor has prescribed Effexor 75mg once a day for her. Will her recreational use of cannabis affect the benifets of the effexor or should she stop... ...

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