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Anxiety: Everything looks and seems "strange" and off. Anyone else experience this?

Posted 15 Nov 2015 12 answers

I recently had two severe panic attacks induced by caffeine about a month ago and since then I've been severely anxious and moderately depressed (it was like night and day, I went from normal to full blown panic disorder in one day) I was put on 10mg of Paxil with Ativan as needed and have... read more

Acetaminophen/Butalbital/Caffeine - My Dr. prescribed Butalb-acetamin-caff. tablets for headaches?

Posted 22 Dec 2012 4 answers

... that come with my menstrual cycle. About 2-3 hours the affects seem to wear off and my head hurts again.Could\should I take Ibuprofen in conjunction with this medicine?

How long does caffeine stay in the body for?

Posted 4 Nov 2012 1 answer

I am interested to find out how long the side effects of caffeine last once you stop taking it?

Does caffeine lessen the effects of xanax? I've been prescribed .05m, took 1 but it didn't help?

Posted 5 Nov 2010 1 answer

I have really bad panic attacks whenever I have to travel via planes. My doctor prescribed xanax 0.5m and said to take 1 30 min before my flight and then 1 every 4 hrs. I of course had friends and family saying that I should take half of 1, others say half of a half, so I thought I'd try half... read more

Does anyone drink coffee in the morning while taking Wellbutrin SR?

Posted 19 Nov 2010 2 answers

I take it around noon right now, but have the option to take it twice a day, once in the morning then in the afternoon 8 hours apart. I want to have my morning cup of coffee but I heard that caffeine can increase the side effects of Wellbutrin. So, my question is: do you drink coffee while taking... read more

I'm at the end of my rope. I CANNOT fall asleep, have had no caffeine,no otc pills nor Ambien work?

Posted 3 Mar 2014 11 answers

I have an appt on the 12th with my dr. But I'd still like some advice in the meantime. I take Wellbutrin, 300mg/day, and Klonopin, 3mg/day. The Klonopin USED to help me sleep. It doesn't help at all now; it's been this way for 1-2 months. I have major anxiety and depression and just... read more

What are some safe medications to give you energy?

Posted 11 Oct 2013 2 answers

A safe alternative to caffeine pills to give you more energy. Prescription or over the counter

Do Buspar and caffeine work together well?

Posted 1 May 2011 2 answers

"I have been on Buspar for a month, 5 mg. when I get up and 5 mg. at 2:30 p.m. Within the last three days, I have noticed increased nervousness (but not anxiety), and I read on the web that Buspar and coffee might not work together very well, as both are stimulants. Can anyone comment on this... read more

Acetaminophen/Butalbital/Caffeine - Can I take this medication for a back ache due to menstrual?

Posted 30 Nov 2012 3 answers

... cramps? I am suffering from period cramps in my lower back. If I take this medication will it help ease the pain?

Can you pls adv if you have discontinued BUTALBITAL,ACETAMINOPHEN AND CAFFEINE,UPS?

Posted 22 Jul 2013 7 answers

And if so what has replaced it I take them for migraines

Gabapentin and caffeine=bad mood?

Posted 13 Aug 2015 2 answers

I just started gabapentin for anxiety, I'm supposed to take 300MG a day. Tonight I drank an energy drink and noticed I soon became very irritable and aggravated for several hours. Is this a side effect of the medicine with caffeine? Or a bad side effect of just the medicine?

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