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Caffeine Questions

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How long do caffeine withdrawal headaches last?

Does caffeine cause high blood pressure?

Does caffeine affect Vraylar?

Does coffee help with asthma?

How much caffeine is in Excedrin Migraine?

Does Maxalt have caffeine in it?

Does caffeine help migraines?

Anxiety: Everything looks and seems "strange" and off. Anyone else experience this?

I recently had two severe panic attacks induced by caffeine about a month ago and since then I've been severely anxious and moderately depressed (it was like night and day, I went from normal to full blown panic disorder in one day) I was put on 10mg of Paxil with Ativan as needed and have... read more

Acetaminophen/Butalbital/Caffeine - My Dr. prescribed Butalb-acetamin-caff. tablets for headaches?

... that come with my menstrual cycle. About 2-3 hours the affects seem to wear off and my head hurts again.Could\should I take Ibuprofen in conjunction with this medicine?

Acetaminophen/Butalbital/Caffeine - Is this and tramadol the same thing?

Is this medication a form of tramadol?

How long does it take Nuvigil to work?

This is my 5th day on 150mg of Nuvigil. I really havent experienced wakefulness yet. Im still very tired, all day. I tried to not take caffeine but since i have to work i have to have some sort of caffeine to stay awake. The first 2 days of taking it i didnt have caffeine, and i took it on an empty... read more

Does anyone drink coffee in the morning while taking Wellbutrin SR?

I take it around noon right now, but have the option to take it twice a day, once in the morning then in the afternoon 8 hours apart. I want to have my morning cup of coffee but I heard that caffeine can increase the side effects of Wellbutrin. So, my question is: do you drink coffee while taking... read more

Acetaminophen/Butalbital/Caffeine - Can I take this medication for a back ache due to menstrual?

... cramps? I am suffering from period cramps in my lower back. If I take this medication will it help ease the pain?

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