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Bronchiectasis Questions

We found 14 questions associated with the 'Bronchiectasis' topic.

Albuterol vs Atrovent inhalers?

Posted 28 Oct 2016 by kiing 2 answers

recently got diagnosed with allergy induced asthma. the doc gave me both for some reason, stated to take the Atrovent first then if needed the albuterol . i was fine with the idea until the pharmacy tech was explaining the side effects which stated the albuterol can increase heart rate... then ...

Bronchiectasis - Is this group still active? - I am recently diagnosed with bronchietasis, I live in

Posted 10 Dec 2016 by robkmj 2 answers

... Hong Kong but i am an Australian man 61 yrs of age, with a history of pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma, i am taking medications and need advice and support from friends...

Bronchiectasis - How do I join this support group?

Posted 29 Nov 2016 by Retired Miitary 0 answers

Have been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. Am on 24 hour oxygen. Can use any and all help.

Mucinex Dm & 5day 250mg zpack?

Posted 5 Mar 2016 by AndreaCurrie 1 answer

Im on my 3rd day of my zpack, this morning it was so hard to cough up phlegm but I can hear and feel it. Chest is tight and not easy to breath.Has anyone taken zpack with Mucinex Dm before?

I have bronchiectasis. I cough up sputum every day. If the color of the sputum is darkk, does that?

Posted 4 Nov 2015 by rrick40 1 answer

... mean I have an infection, and should be on antibotics ??? Russ

Mucinex DM - make cough worse or more?

Posted 17 Feb 2015 by jllozada0708 1 answer

Need Advice - I am newly diagnosed with bronchiectasis?

Posted 30 Oct 2014 by tonyplake 1 answer

It took my pulmonologist 3 months to get rid of my initial infection. I had to suggest to him to perform a bronchoscopy on me to find out what the bacterial agent was. Otherwise, I guess I would still be coughing up green mucus, breaking ribs, having people stare at me in public, and taking ...

Bronchiectasis - Does anyone else have recurring MRSA? How do you treat it?

Posted 28 Sep 2013 by ivebeenthere 2 answers

Two years of recurring chronic infections

Can Brovana be used in addition to Tudorza?

Posted 22 May 2013 by mugah39 1 answer

I have been on regimen of Xopenex, Budesonide, Ipratropium bromide I have COPD, IPF, CHRONIC BRONCHITIS, the diseases are progressing rapidly and have been changed to Brovana and Tudorza

My doctor give me cipro . should I be taken this med. if I have shunt in liver, c.o.p.d. and?

Posted 22 Mar 2013 by buddy butler 3 answers

also i have r.a. in every joint of my body

Does anyone have Mycobacterium Avium and Bronchiectasis?

Posted 21 Feb 2011 by jodieblond 4 answers

I have been in treatment since last April. Would like to know if there is another member with this combination.

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