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Breastfeeding Questions

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Why are my nipples sore? 7 possible causes

Is Nyquil safe to take while breastfeeding?

Can I take aleve while breastfeeding ?

I fell down and sprain my ankle I took one aleve for the pain can I breastfeed her or do I have to wait

Breastfeeding - how long after having morphine is it safe to breastfeed?

I had an accident last night and the ER gave me morphine. How long do I have to pump and dump before I can breastfeed my 6 month old again?

Can I take apetamin while breastfeeding?

I am struggling to gain weight while breastfeeding and its causing me to become underweight even though i am eating a lot. A friend recommended Apetamin. Can I take this while breastfeeding?

I was prescribed Remeron 15mg (told I can cut in half) and to take before bed. I was given this a?

... couple weeks ago but i still haven't started it. I am nervous to start meds like this. I am a year postpartum and still breastfeeding. I was told it could help with my anxiety. I just don't know how to talk myself into taking it. My psychiatrist prescribed it. I'm nervous of the... read more

Is it safe to take Norco while breastfeeding?

Just came home from hospital with newborn. He will not wake up to nurse, have plenty of milk. I was given Norco while in hospital for pain meds after C section

Is it safe to take a Z pack while breastfeeding?

My doctor said that azithromycin was safe, but I've can't find it in the approved list at kellymom and other web sites are not clear about the recommendation.

Has anyone heard of TruVision?

I've done a lot of research on this and found that it's ok to take while breastfeeding. What would you say about it?

Is it safe to take cyproheptadine apetamin tablets?

Hi im breastfeeding mum,im underweight my baby is 11 months i heard this tablet can gain weight for 5 to 7 pounds a week.sometimes i feel ashame of myself.everytime i go out everyone staring at me saying im too i tried a lot but none works so i wanted to try this,question is do i need to... read more

I have lice that is under my skin. I believe it is body lice. How do I get rid of it?

I am breastfeeding. I have a one year old daughter who also has this lice. I have considered taking oral ivermectin and stop breastfeeding. I was if the permetrin cream will do the job. Lice are on my head, pubic hair. I also have them on my feet and ankles lice are under my skin on my face- cheeks... read more

How long does Cambia stay in your system?

Am breastfeeding so I will not take it during breastfeeding but I do have stores of breastmilk in the freezer & I can "pump & dump" until it clears my system but how long is that?

Phentermine while breastfeeding?

Has anyone ever taken phentermine while breastfeeding? My doctor prescribed it to me. I have an almost 2 year old who I'm trying to wean. I only breastfeed at night time while putting him to sleep. I know it probably isn't recommended so I haven't started taking the pills yet as I... read more

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