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Antidepressant - Hi all. Had a breakdown a few months ago and started slipping into a depression.?

Posted 6 May 2018 by SamanthaScaf 2 answers

... Started on a low dose of Effexor (37.5mg) last week, going up to 75mg tomorrow. First few days were BRUTAL. I've noticed that I feel more emotionally and physically stable but it has made my anxiety worse (I'm very reactive), which I was warned about. My main side effect is the ...

Venlafaxine not working after 5 weeks and unsure what to do next?

Posted 3 Mar 2018 by Chicagoventraz 2 answers

I was on 75mg for (4) weeks with no improvement. After a nervous breakdown doc upped to 150mg. Since then I've had terrible sleep, anxiety and depression like I've never experienced before (daily) and now at almost (5) weeks at this dose I feel no improvement at all. I feel worse than ...

Help me! If anyone knows where and what these symptoms could be?

Posted 12 Nov 2017 by candace3321 1 answer

I have been on Paxil for 6 months and lost my insurance. So I was without Paxil for 4 days. Doctor sent me in a script and i started back up because I was having mental breakdowns. Within that time i have been having severe chest pains during sex, crying out burst s, feel nauseated and weak. So ...

Is 37.5 XL Effexsor a good dose for a poor metabolizer. Gene sight said low doses are best for me?

Posted 2 Oct 2017 by Lynn 351 1 answer

Was on sertraline 50mg for 23 years and worked great until mid June. The month of the anniversary of my daughter's death and birthday. They put me up to 175 mgs and had a breakdown. I'm a poor metabolizer with some anti depressants. I have been on Effexsor for 7days. When will it start ...

I am trying to get off of Lexapro after 12 years but I am having considerable difficulty doing so?

Posted 17 May 2017 by psychelper 1 answer

So I have taken Lexapro for about 12 years. I started out on 40 mg after having a nervous breakdown and experiencing panic level anxiety all day, every day for several months. Jump ahead 12 years. I have had and continue to participate in some excellent trauma informed counseling and have ...

Escitralpram when will it get better?

Posted 26 Mar 2017 by Mariedawn 1 answer

Hi am am 60 previously been treated with anti depressants 35 years ago with postnatal depression then prementral syndrome I was on Prozac for that this year just after .christmas I had a breakdown through work place stress I thought it was due to hormone imbalance being post menopausal doctor put ...

How long does it take to mentally recover from long term prednisone use?

Posted 25 Sep 2016 by 122066 1 answer

I have been on prednisone for year for an undetermined autoimune disease. 20-40mg most of the year. In July I had I guess you would call a mental breakdown. Now down to 8mg prednisone but will be 4-5 month to get off. My Dr, family and friends say I am doing much better mentally, not 100% but much ...

Depression - Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated?

Posted 16 Oct 2016 by Samantha1984 2 answers

A difficult Home life, personal circumstances for many years let to a breakdown i was Diagnosed with severe depression by my GP in April 2016, unfortunately I had a Bad Reaction to fluoxetine, GP changed medication to sertraline. I also take propronolol for migraine prevention which I know is also ...

Years of stage fright, poor public speaking from perf anxiety, pls advise Propranolol v/s Atenolol?

Posted 24 Feb 2016 by ka0522 0 answers

47 y old 190 lb guy w long standing years of stage fright, poor public speaking, nervousness, speech breakdown from severe performance anxiety, pls advise Propranolol v/s Atenolol and doseages side effects and how to wean off between performances etc as i dont want to be on beta blockers for ever ...

How does Carbidopa prevent the breakdown of levodopa in the bloodstream and not in the brain?

Posted 11 Jun 2016 by JBryan1967 0 answers

If the Carbidopa in the bloodstream keeps levodopa from breaking down in the bloodstream then how does it not keep it from breaking it down in the brain? How is Carbidopa kept out of the brain?

Is it possible to have suicidal thoughts after only taking 2 doses?

Posted 12 Jan 2016 by Eedmiston0219 4 answers

I have only taken 2 doses so far. The next day I had a mini nervous breakdown, and had thoughts of hurting myself. I am taking these to sleep, not depression. I have had a bad reaction to Cybalta before about 10yrs ago. Is it possible for it to make me have those thoughts that fast?

HELP- a year ago I suffered a breakdown due to loss of job rship and mixture of bad events?

Posted 1 Mar 2016 by Hoola12 1 answer

I started on citorpralm which helped me get back on with life but I came off of it around Xmas due to feeling wired a lot and increased anxiety So Iv been two months ad free and I'm no way near as bad as I was a year ago I see friends, I have met a new man I can have positive days , I got ...

Do you think I'm bipolar? It's a long story but I really need serious help?

Posted 14 Feb 2016 by Let There Be Light 2 answers

I have suffered from OCD since I was thirteen years old. It didn't become unmanageable until I was about eighteen. It became so unmanageable that I had a nervous breakdown during my freshman year of college and was hospitalized for a week. The hospitalization didn't help me at all except ...

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