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I just started weaning off of Effexor XR 150 mg. I am now on day 2 of no Effexor at all. I am?

... starting to feel very dizzy, tingling sensations, brain fog, and nauseous. Is there anything I can do (without taking another prescription) to lessen the side effects? I started Effexor 6 years ago for depression and anxiety while going through a divorce. Life is much more stable now and I... read more

I am having Lexapro withdrawal symptoms 3 months after terminating - will it get better?

I was on Lexapro for 1.5 years at 10mg. Upon discontinuing the medication I entered a state of constant dysphoria and brain fog. I also have the classic brain zaps and excessive sweating but I can live with those. It has been three months and I have slowly been getting better, but still suffering... read more

Cymbalta side effects at day 11?

I started Cymbalta 30mg after taking Viibryd for almost a month. Doctor told me not to wean off Viibryd and just to start Cymbalta the next day. The first 10 days were great and now I have a bad headache and brain fog and anxiety has gotten worse. Any ideas??

Will cognition return after discontinuing the topamax?

I have been taking Topamax now for 3 years and have suffered the side effects of word finding difficulty, cognition deficit, brain fog and cannot take it any longer. If the migraines come back I will just deal with them. Does anybody know if my brain fog will lift if I quit taking this drug?

Viibryd - I’m having extreme lethargy, no motivation, and brain fog. It’s my second week on?

... Viibryd and I’m at 20mg. My doc has suggested that I should not go above 20mg. My anxiety has dramatically decreased and I can say that I’m no longer majorly depressed. But the exhaustion and lack of motivation is a bit concerning for me. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it go... read more

Pregabalin side effects. Does the dizziness and sleepiness get better?

I started Pregabalin yesterday for anxiety. I’m experiencing side effects of dizziness, sleepiness, and a little brain fog. It wouldn’t be a problem if I only took it at night but I take it morning and night. Will these side effects go away as my body gets use to the medication? Does... read more

Can combining trazodone & amitriptyline cause auditory hallucinations, poor memory, brain fog?

I am very concerned for a relative who is displaying the above mentioned symptoms, including psychosis, has also just failed a college course, was removed from college as she failed 3 make-up tests. She can barely carry on a conversation, very scattered, she hears people saying nasty negative... read more

Is tinnitus from amlodipine reversible?

I took amlodipine for high blood pressure for 18 consecutive days. Stopped them on 4 November as they were giving me issues with brain fog, headaches, joint pain etc. However after two weeks off them I started experiencing tinnitus. Please can you let me know how long does it take for them to leave... read more

Extreme tiredness/fatigue Citalopram?

Been on Citalopram 20mg for 5 weeks. Cannot stop sleeping, if I let myself I’d sleep 18 hours a day. I am taking early evening and still doesn’t help. The brain fog is next level. I have hashimotos so tiredness is already a thing. Should I keep going or try a different antidepressant... read more

Escitalopram - Does the brain fog/lethargy go away?

I feel a lot more calm and relaxed on this med but I feel a little "slow" upstairs. I'm not as sharp as I usually am. I have only been on it a week at a small dose because I'm very sensitive. Does this "fog and lethargy" ever go away?

Amlodipine - how long before body adjusts to amlodipine?

I've been on this for 1 month now and I feel awful. So tired, dizzy, brain fog. I am also on larsarton 100mg. Altenol 25mg twice daily.

Sertraline side effects? Anxiety/dissociative?

I’m on my 3rd day of raking sertraline for anxiety. My anxiety is so much worse, I’m so tired, no motivation, head feels very fuzzy. I’ve taken a week off work as I can concentrate. Is this normal? And when will I feel better? I don’t want to leave the house or get off the... read more

Stopped 40mg of omeprazole 2 days ago - when do side effects stop?

I took 40mg of omeprazole for 9 days but the side effects have been awful: headaches, fatigue, brain fog, nausea. I stopped taking them 2 days ago but still dealing with the crappy side effects. When should the side effects stop or get better? I am very sensitive to tablets. Thanks

Prozac - Brain fog I'm desperate for help and relief?

Hi everyone, I'm feeling trapped. I have changed all meds last year and I'm on 40 mg Prozac at the moment (increased maybe 2-3 week ago) but this week I had brain fog at work and I cant function like that for much longer. The thing is I think it's the high anxiety that caused it but... read more

When will I improve? I am feeling awful. I am taking Celexa 20 mg and HRT?

I have anxiety. I started on 10mg of citalopram three weeks ago, but upped it to 20mg 6 days ago. I take it in the morning. I know it’s not long. The anxiety during the day is generally a lot better but my sleep is awful, so I feel hideous during the day with tiredness and a thick foggy... read more

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