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Is there much difference between Benicar HCT and Losartan?

Posted 12 Sep 2011 by cingrubb 3 answers

I'm taking Benicar hct 40/25 but even with insurance it's 60.00 a month.I heard losartan was cheaper but I don't know what is the right dosage. Does anyone know if there is much difference in the two drugs?

Is there a difference between Benicar HCT and Benicar?

Posted 8 May 2017 by Sherrieab 1 answer

My prescription doesn't say HCT, it is just Benicar 20mg. I have been on this since Nov. 2016 and now am having body aches and vision problems.

Generic Benicar HCT vs brand name effectiveness. It seems to me that the generic is not as effective

Posted 9 Mar 2017 by Omazona 3 answers

... as the brand name as my BP has increased. Please explain the reasons. I have experienced generics not working as well as the brand name in other drugs.

Benicar HCT - Is it okay to break Benicar 40mg/25mg HCTZ in half? I have been taking half in the?

Posted 7 May 2015 by basham61 3 answers

... morning and half at bedtime seems to work better. Does anyone know if this is okay? I started thinking about it and thought I should ask. I guess I could consult my pharmacist

Benicar hct 40-25mg, is there another drug, that is equal,or just is good.benicar to expensive?

Posted 13 Oct 2011 by VIKKIW507 1 answer

I have lost my job, and do not have insurance anymore. Benicar works for me been taking for about 3 years. Benicar is to expensive. Is ther another drug, that is equal to, or just as good, but dont cost a arm and leg. please help me. I need my medicine.

Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim - Should I be ok to take Sulfamethoxazole / Trimethoprim without?

Posted 5 Jan 2015 by starling72 1 answer

... worrying about a sulfa allergy?

Benicar HCT - Has anyone experience body aching and weakness while taking Benicar? I get bad leg?

Posted 6 Jun 2014 by Rodger OConnor 1 answer

... weakness and calf pain. I told my doc about this and she did a dopler study of my legs but it seemed to start when I started the Benicar. I have back issue but the calf pain and weakness is really bothersome. I take in potassium so I don't know what is going on. I am just putting out a ...

Benicar HCT - when did benicar come on the market?

Posted 29 Jul 2014 by pf01 1 answer

Can I take viagra while taking benicar hct?

Posted 31 Dec 2012 by mason346 1 answer

Benicar HCT - any one get headaches from benicar?

Posted 3 Jul 2013 by ronald_kuhn 1 answer

i take benicar at night and i wake up with a head ache (mild hangover) and i dont drink

Will a 50 mg tablet Losartan affect vision? Or at 55, is middle age just advancing on me?

Posted 23 Sep 2011 by Studfinder 1 answer

Have switched from Benicar HCT to Benicar (water portion didn't seem to have any effect) and after observing some nusiance ED with Benicar daily, got the doctor to agree to every other day dosage, which allows to plan (for sex on the weekend also.) But drugist suggested Losartan, and doctor ...

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