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Bacterial vaginosis - is cottage cheese like discharge normal, taking metronidazole?

Posted 29 Jul 2015 by brianna4587 3 answers

On day 2 of metronidazole vaginal gel for bacterial vaginosis and when the gel is coming out there is cottage cheese like discharge.. is this normal? I know it says it could cause a yeast infection but I didn't know if this is just the infection clearing out or if I need to call my doctor.. ...

Having Uti symtoms with a bacterial vaginosis, is that normal ?

Posted 15 Dec 2014 by Cindy09 1 answer

I went to the doctor for uti symptoms which I had for months due to antibiotics not working but now it is finally gone but I developed a bacterial vaginosis could that be due to taking the antibiotics for so long? I've taken Metronidazole, first the day treatment and that didn't work now ...

How long does probiotic acidophilus take to work to help Bacterial Vaginosis?

Posted 31 Mar 2014 by Butters1123 4 answers

I have took the pill for about 3 days now. I looked up a home try and that was one of the medicines. Anyone know about how Long it will take?

Metronidazole - How long after using vaginal Metrogel should one wait before having intercourse?

Posted 3 Jul 2013 by pink11 1 answer

Using Metrogel for vaginal bacterial infection.

Does antibiotics effect the contraceptive implant ??

Posted 8 Apr 2013 by Lisapotter2009 2 answers

Hi I have had my nexplanon implant in for nearly 3 years comes out in June am on antibiotics for bacterial infection was just wondering will they effect my implant ? Can I get pregnant ?? Please help as much information as possible ? X

Flagyl and Diflucan.. do they cause yeast infections? How should I take them?

Posted 8 Feb 2018 by Djw878 1 answer

I have a bacterial infection and yeast infection both and was prescribed both Flagyl and Diflucan. I read that flagyl, the medication for BV can cause a yeast infection. So do I take my yeast infection pill (it’s just 1) before the BV meds or take them after my week of taking the BV meds to ...

I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginitis after suffering 6 years with chronic "yeast infections?"?

Posted 24 Nov 2014 by msydnor 7 answers

A new OBGYN finally correctly diagnosed my recurring struggles as BV instead of a yeast infection, which explains why flucanazole and over-the-counter products like Monistat stopped working for me after a couple of years. This new doctor put me on metronidazole which FINALLY seemed to help but now, ...

I was wondering how much penicillin VK should be taken daily and for how many days to cure a UTI?

Posted 14 Sep 2017 by Bianca Paxton 1 answer

Basically what would the regimen be for clearing up a UTI using the antibiotic penicillin VK... what strength and dosage and for how many days should it be taken to make sure the bacterial infection is fully cleared up ... thank you so much for your time :)

Can I take Flagyl oral and Diflucan together?

Posted 16 Jun 2013 by ginamariea73 2 answers

I was dignoesed with bacterial vaginosis 5/10/13 and took flagl. And seemed better for about two weeks then i was prescribed it again,no dr.thinks its a yeast infection n prescribed diflucan,buy its been two day and no relief.HELLLLPPPPP

Veterinary - What can cause flatulence in my dog, and is the best way to treat it ?

Posted 10 hours ago by jcrom109 1 answer

Our dog is older, 9 years old. We feed him a good grain free food. But of late he has had some gas, and may have a bacterial disorder. We were told that a small amount of yogurt should his stomach back in order. ( Non-vet ).

Bacterial vaginosis before period?

Posted 1 day ago by deno18 0 answers

before my period starts i always feel an itch down there and after my period the itching goes away. Anything I can take to stop this? I've tried anti itch creams and nothing works

Should I start another round of Monistat if I still see discharge on day 4 on Monistat 1?

Posted 7 Apr 2018 by huffle54puff78 1 answer

So on Monday night I started Monistat 1 ovule for a yeast infection I got from treating bacterial vaginosis. It’s Friday night and most of my symptoms cleared. I’m just stuck with some discharge from the yeast infection still and a very slight itch. The discharge just started again but ...

Possible that Metronidazole didn't work for bacterial vaginosis?

Posted 4 Nov 2014 by hilkligz 1 answer

I used the gel 1x per day for 5 days. I had the usual discharge which means its working, and the odor lessened but didn't go away completely. I went to my gyno the day after my last dose to talk about other things but she said it was too early to retest me. Is it possible it didn't go ...

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