... pregnant. Then after I had my daughter I was urged by my gyno/midwife to get the Mirena(IUD). Which I had nothing but BV on and off for 5 years. Got it removed. And haven't been on any kind of birth control since besides condoms. I even had PID diagnosed early 2012 beacuse of an E.R. visit because of excurciating pain in my lower abdominable right side and they thought it was appendicidus. They did tests and the scan showed fluid/pus filled fallopbien tubes right side was worse which inflammed my apendix. Had emergency surgery to remove my apendix and clean/drain my tubes as well. A week ago I noticed after my really short period, that strong oder and watery discharge again BV. The the next day was peeing blood.So went to the doctors because of it. And the checked my urine and gave me Septra DS for the UTI and the BV. But as I have been reading up on septra, it doesn't state anywhere that it would help or even get rid of BV. Still taking the antibiotics but still have a slight smell and discharge but not as bad, oh and the UTI is gone, but still taking the antibiotics till they are gone!