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Autism Questions

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Why should you take aripiprazole in the morning?

Vraylar vs Abilify - How do they compare?

What is the difference between Abilify and Abilify Maintena?

Can a man taking depakote cause children to have birth defects and disabilities I have 3 kids same?

... dad all have disabilities from seizures to cerebral palsey Autism Adhd bipolar schitzofrinia cognitive disorder wheel chair bound to name a few

How long should you stay on risperdal ?

son had bad behaviour at early puberty was put on risperdal,has been on it 13years,now when something is not right for him(we have to guess what) he will hit the nearest person very hard,not good he is 24yrs and over 6feet tall i think he should come off risperdal as its not doing anything for... read more

Does Abilify cause weight gain?

Risperdal/Risperidone Withdrawal Side Effects?

I am currently taking 1mg to sometimes 2mg doses of Risperdal/Risperidone. What are the withdrawal effects with my dosage? Is it true paranoia (hallucinations) and delusions would occur? Or just mild irritability/ticking/twitching?

I accidently took two doses of 300 mg of venlafaxine, 5 hours apart?

The second dose was tomorrow's dosage, and I took them on autopilot when I intended to take some Aleve. Is 600 mg enough to worry about? There was one time 4 or so years ago that I took 600 mg all at once one morning, and I literally fell asleep standing up, later in the day... and then puked... read more

Vraylay vs Abilify - how do they compare?

I was recently prescribed Vraylar but I was leaning more towards Abilify. Which medication is better? How are they different? Any information would help!

Aripiprazole - how long does ability maintena stay in your system? (300mg injection)?

some doctors are saying the half-life is something like 75 hours or 375 hours to be completely out of you system (75x5) . whereas other sources are saying the elimination half life is something like 28 days, which would mean it takes roughly 144 days to be out of you system (28x5). which... read more

Would appetite loss be a withdrawal symptom of Cymbalta (or any duloxetine brand)?

I am a high functioning Autistic with some problems with anxiety and mild depression. I take Cymbalta to help with my anxiety and depression issues and Vyvanse to help with some of my Autism symptoms. Both medications are known to suppress appetite as a side effect, however I only really... read more

Risperdal - how long does a single dose stay in your system?

What is the drug life of risperdal ? If i took my 2mg tonight, will it still be in my system tomorrow night?

What is the best medicine for autism in young children that are 10 years old?

My son is non-verbal and is austisc he has aggressive behavior and he doesn't sleep at all we can give him melatonin and it doesn't help can anyone please tell me what medicine is best for this

How dangerous is a small amount of sertraline (25mg) taken with 75 mg of venlafaxine?

I want to switch from venlafaxine to Sertraline. The doctor wants me to come off the venlafaxine and take neither for 2 weeks but I don't think I can do that. I currently take 75 mg venlafaxine slow release. My plan is to take half a sertraline 50 mg e.g. 25 mg (or even less) for a week or so... read more

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