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Ativan Questions

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Ativan vs Xanax - What is the difference?

Is Ativan milder than Xanax? Does anyone know?

I am currently taking the low dose xanax as needed & I have taken it for a number of years. I noticed that the xanax sometimes make me sleepy & all I want to do is cut my anxiety & not get sleepy or lower my energy level! Does anyone take ativan & use to take xanax? Or has anyone... read more

Anxiety - Properly tapering off Ativan?

Hi everyone So glad to have found this place. I have suffered from severe anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, stress-intolerance, Agoraphobia and a few other anxiety-related disorders for about 12 years now. I've also been taking Ativan (1mg) for the last 4 years and was splitting my pills in half.... read more

Anyone having trouble switching generic Ativan (lorazepam)?

Have been taking one half of a 0.5mg lorazepam for years. Lately the Sandoz brand. My pharmacy can no longer get that brand (not sure if Sandoz still makes it). I was given Watson instead. It gave me bad heartburn and when it finally kicked in it felt so strong I was unable to stand up. I asked for... read more

Does taking Ativan with Lexapro prevents to see results?

I have been on Lexapro 6 weeks, for the last 3 weeks on 20 Mg plus I take 21/2mg Ativan for last year daily Does Lexapro can stop working because of the Ativan? Depression and panic are very bad The

Can you be prescribed Ativan and Xanax together? Do they have a different action ?

I was prescribed both but I thought they were for the same purpose - anxiety. Should I take both at different times?

What is the usual dosage of Ativan?

what is a normal dosage of ativan? 8mg? or would 8mg put me out?

How long does ativan stay in your body & show up in a urine test?

i want to take 6mg today, but i could get piss tested on monday.

Can I take more than 1 Ativan for anxiety?

My Dr prescribed 1 mg of Lorazepam to help me on an upcoming flight from Atlanta to London (in 5 days). I have taken Xanax in the past, but never Lorazepam. I tried it last Sunday night at bedtime (a week ago), and within the hour, I was out like a light. I didn't wake up during the night like... read more

What is the strenth of Ativan 1mg compared to 1 mg of Xanax?

My doc. switched me from 1mg Alprazolam=Xanax to 1mg lorazepam=Ativan ? How much difference is there in strength ??? Ddog12.>>

I have been on Klonopin for 16 yrs and developed a tolerance is Xanax a viable alternative?

I have been on Clonazepam for 16 years for anxiety, and it seems like I have developed a tolerance to it (Shocking after just 16 years, I know... ) Ativan was an unpleasant replacement. It made me very lethargic and I had to take it like 3-4 times a day, not as needed like with Clonazepam. I also... read more

Should I increase my citalopram dose or is this a bump in the road?

Hey everybody I've been on 10mg of citalopram for a little bit over a year i was prescribed it for constant anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder i havnt taken an ativan in 8 months and everything was going great until these last 4 days it feels like im back at square one. I've been... read more

I am taking Zoloft for anxiety. It seems to make more depressed. Can Zolft make you more depressed?

Like I said I am taking the Zoloft for anxiety. I am also taking Ativan for panic attacks. Since taking the medicines I have felt more depressed. I don't feel suicidal but I do want to harm myself. I have been feeling the urge to cut and I just want to know if this is the meds. Thank you for... read more

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