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Atenolol Questions

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What is the best time of day to take blood pressure medication?

How is atenolol superior to metoprolol?

Is atenolol will effect users sexual ability?

Im 22 and on nifedipine already for hypertension (high BP) but not going so well with it. Im in need of changing to a new drug and atenolol is one of the option.

How to ensure I will not have a seizure when I stop taking xanax?

So about 2 weeks ago I had my first seizure. I am 23 yrs old n have been on numerous medications during the past few yrs (endocet, xanax, atenolol, adderal, soma, ambian) but xanax consistently for the past 2-3 yrs (for anxiety-but also helped me fall asleep) I never took the same amount daily, it... read more

I am on Atenelol 50mg daily, but my blood pressure is not coming down enough - any advice?

I also eat dandelion and garlic most of the time, but I am not having my BP down. Any advice?

I had ED from atenolol, stopped treatment & still have ED, what are the risks of not taking BP meds?

.Atenelol caused minor ED in 2 months increasing to 100% ED in a year. I have not been able to have sex in 5 months, so I stopped the atenelol 4 weeks ago. I have seen slow improvement, but not enough for sex yet. My BP is back to its normal unmedicated 160/110, but the ED effects still linger. Is... read more

Why does my arms keep going numb?

I take atenolol,lisinopril,omeprazole,and baby asprin. I've been recently diagnosed, with congestive heart failure.

Hi, Is Atenolol used for High Blood Pressure and Atrial Fibrillation?? I have been on Atenolol?

... various doses for 8 years, now I developed AFIB, my Dr says just keep on Atenolol... We add aspirin to thin the blood a little instead of a strong Blood thinner (which I do not want to start). Anyone else on this regimine? Thanks, Moonbeam

What can be causing me dizziness?

I’m taking amlodipine 5 mg and losartan 100mg in the morning and at nighttime atenolol 50 mg at night. However i’m having lightheadedness and dizziness usually in the morning! Should I take amlodipine or losartan at night with the atenolol?

Can I take Atenolol at night, instead of in the morning?

I take Synthroid in the morning and there is a drug interaction.

What is the difference between atenolol and metropolol?

I am on atenolol and my mom is on metropolol. She seems to have confusion and dizziness and i don't, just wondering if this could be the reason

Atenolol - can I have an occasional wine or beer while taking this medication? I really miss it?

I just started it about 3 weeks ago. I take my bp just before I take my 1/2 pill of 25mg and it's usually in the mid to high 130s/80s, but if I take it within 30 min. my rate is back down to the 120s/70-80s. I would like to enjoy a glass of wine, but am concerned about "feeling... read more

How Long Does Atenolol Stay in Your System?

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