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Aseptic Necrosis Questions

Related terms: Avascular Necrosis, Osteonecrosis, Ischemic bone necrosis, AVN


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Can ibuprofen cause an allergic reaction?

Posted 16 Jul 2012 by Becky6 6 answers

Last yr something similar happened 2 my grson, now again?My grandson had a fever Friday evening and I gave him ibuprofen. In the morning he awoke with a swollen lip. He ate and drank fine until Sunday evening were he was miserable. He couldn't eat or drink without pain. Last year we had a ...

What is the difference between aceclofenac and diclofenac sodium?

Posted 13 Nov 2012 by thomasjacobolisarph 2 answers

please need for drug report

Diclofenac 50mg similar to tramadol 50 mg?

Posted 22 Nov 2017 by Karen malloy 2 answers

Does tramadol and colored have anything similar

Walking and aseptic necrosis of my left hip?

Posted 8 Apr 2018 by ll80227 3 answers

I'm an ER nurse. Will be getting MRI this week. Probable aseptic necrosis of my left hip. I work 12 hour shifts and am in agony by the end of my shifts. The pain is 24/7 now. Am I making the necrosis worse with all the walking I have to do?

Cortisone & AVN are they related?

Posted 18 Mar 2018 by Yuki50 1 answer

Hi new to forum. Wanted to ask if cortisone shots cause AVN? I’ve had since 2016 6 shots of cortisone in right hip and 3 in left. The stuff really works but only for about 3 to 4 months. I exercise regularly , eat good. I’m 58 yr old woman with labrum tear, hip impingement, and bone ...

I have osteoarthritis in my left hip. What are the symptoms of avascular necrosis (AVN)?

Posted 28 Nov 2017 by player74 1 answer

I have been having complete numbness in both legs all the way down to my my foot. Need answers or help

Has anyone had a rash reaction from alendronate??

Posted 6 Aug 2017 by hawkins54 1 answer

I've been on Fosamax for 8 months for AVN and osteoarthritis. I've had bad rashes on my face over the past few months, intermittently and took my weekly tablet this morning. Two hours later, I'm covered in rash over my forehead and around eyes. Haven't done anything else that ...

Aseptic Necrosis - I have avascular necrosis of the left hip. It has completely collapsed. The pain?

Posted 21 Dec 2016 by Tryingmom27 5 answers

... is unbearable. I'm only 27. And I'm a mother. What can I do to get rid of this? I hobble around on my good leg, but i can't take it no more

AVN diagnosed now in both hips and both knees. Where to from now??

Posted 11 Apr 2017 by hawkins54 2 answers

I've also got advanced osteoarthritis in cervical and lumber spine. Have seen many specialists and all agree I had a severe and very rare reaction to a four day course of prednisolone. I had no prior or under lying medical issues. I am having a medic alert bracelet made up as have been told ...

Hi, I have been taking 100mg of slow release tramadol a day for 6 years now. The reason I am?

Posted 13 Nov 2016 by scottyjt 1 answer

... taking them is because I was diagnosed with bi-lateral avascular necrosis of the hips. I had my right hip replaced 3 years ago and am having my left hip replaced this week. I will in time need to come off the tramadol because the pain I had with the necrosis will have gone away due to the 2 hip ...

Aseptic Necrosis - Hi, my name is Lisa, I've just joined the group. I recently suffered a?

Posted 7 Dec 2016 by hawkins54 1 answer

... spontaneous bi-lateral necrosis of both knees. I would love to hear from people with similiar conditions, to find out what to expect as far as treatment, pain levels, and time frames. I really don't know much about it, only what I have learnt from Google. Until I read posts from people ...

Has anyone had osteonecrosis of the jaw as a result of Prolia?

Posted 16 Apr 2016 by Calliopenjo 1 answer

What were the treatment options offered to you? The treatment and/or symptoms painful?

What alternatives are there to xgeva?

Posted 8 Feb 2014 by kgc2043b 3 answers

my concern is about osteonecrosis of the jaw,as I don't have great oral health. my medical oncologist wants to put me on xgeva for my stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer which is in the bones.

I am in chronic pain. I have AVN. Both hips & shoulders replaced. Rt shoulder got infection & I lost

Posted 14 Jun 2015 by chwillia1 3 answers

... the joint. Now both knees are in chronic pain & my ankles & feet. I am now going to pain mgmnt. The Dr wants to do a nerve block in my knees to help relieve the pain. This is terrible. Wake up, thro the day & going to sleep w/pain is awful. Do anyone have any consulation info to ...

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