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Aripiprazole Questions

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Why should you take aripiprazole in the morning?

Does Abilify cause weight gain?

What is the difference between Abilify and Abilify Maintena?

How does Abilify MyCite work?

How does abilify effect someone not prescribed?

what does it do for some one who is prescribed (aripiprazole) 5 mg. what does it do for some not prescribed if consumed

What time of day should I take each of my meds?

I am trying to figure out which meds are making me tired during the day. I take all 6 in the am. Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg,bupropion 300mg, aripiprazole 5mg,sertraline 100mg,losartan 50mg, pantopraze 40mg. Which should I be taking in the am and pm?

Aripiprazole - how long does this stay in your system and are there any withdrawal symptoms ?

My son safely tapered off of Abilify. Last dose of 2.5 mg was on Saturday August 4th... Here are my questions: 1. How long does Abilify stay in his system? 2 Is there any withdrawal symptoms I should look for as the medication is exiting his system? He is 17, non verbal and profoundly disabled. ... read more

Abilify - can it be used for adhd?

my son is adhd he is 8. he takes 18mg concerrta and 4mg of intuniv . he was on ritilan 15mg but he had the opposite reaction today they put him on aripiprazole 5mg . it scares me bc he had so many changes and his mind is racing . I feel so bad for him . tonight he feel asleep early , but woke up... read more

Abilify - I'm on day 6 of aripriprazole as an adjunct tomy SSRI. I am on a tiny dose (2.5mg every...

... other day) as paroxetine, which I'm also on, increases blood levels of aripiprazole. The headache has passed but I have loads of other side effects: nausea, slowed digestion, forgetfulness, tearfulness, increased depression. Just wondering if anyone struggled like me at first and then... read more

Aripiprazole - how long does ability maintena stay in your system? (300mg injection)?

some doctors are saying the half-life is something like 75 hours or 375 hours to be completely out of you system (75x5) . whereas other sources are saying the elimination half life is something like 28 days, which would mean it takes roughly 144 days to be out of you system (28x5). which... read more

Aripiprazole - Aripriprazole and anxiety?

Did anyone have anxiety as a side effect from aripriprazole? I’m taking it with escitalopram.

Aripiprazole - Worsening of positive symptoms in psychosis/schizophrenia?

After starting Aripiprazole I had the experience that the positive symptoms became worse but the negative symptoms better. The side effects profil is appropriate for me, but the hallucinations became much worse. Does the positive symptoms get better than before after some weeks? Should I wait for... read more

Is aripiprazole a controlled drug?

Is it proper for a person to break in half a Aripiprazole 10mg tablet to take?

I have a friend who is a vet and he was prescribed Aripiprazole 10mg tablet. The directions for him were to break in half the 10 mg talblet and take it for 14 days then if all is well. Then take a full 10mg tablet once a day. But, when he read the precautions section that comes with the medicine.... read more

Aripiprazole - How long does it stay in your system for?

How long until the effects are completely gone?

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