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Angina Questions

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Does grapefruit interfere with atenolol, aspirin, amlodipine, atorvastatin or allopurinol?

Posted 27 Nov 2012 by Stodeyboy 2 answers

25mg Atenolol 75 mg Asprin 5 mg Amlodipine 20 mg Atorvastatin 450 mg Allopurinoll

Left arm/heart pain for 3 weeks, worsens at night?

Posted 26 May 2017 by MammaP 1 answer

I'll start by mentioning I probably have untreated anxiety so I'm not sure if this pain is stemming from that or a serious issue. No family medical history besides diabetes and anxiety on my dad's side. This pain is like a cramp in my heart and goes towards my left armpit and ...

Isosorbide Dinitrate - I have been prescribed 60mg isorbide extended release for angina, but have?

Posted 10 May 2017 by Aiyamaine 0 answers

... not started taking yet, as I am very wary. Is 60mg a large dosage? Also wonder what it does to the elasticity of your blood vessels over time

Is this a normal reaction to metoprolol?

Posted 7 Apr 2017 by Btaylor31 0 answers

I recently had an episode of rapid heartbeat. At my second ER visit the doctor started me on metoprolol tart 25mg twice a day, then I seen my regulars doctor and she reduced this to one a day in the morning. I have only been on this medication for 7 days. I have experienced tingling in my legs, ...

I took a nitro tablet under my tongue yesterday and just 2-3 minutes later my chest was...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 by Pbyllis2 0 answers

... was more uncomfortable. I took a second one after 5 minutes. Still uncomfortably feeling. I felt this way for quite awhile but finally i went to sleep. Afraid to take anymore. Is this normal?

I am having an awful time with angina caused by a blockage. They upped my metoprololyesterday by 50?

Posted 3 Feb 2017 by Terryblum 0 answers

Like I said they increased my amount of metoprolol by 50 mg yesterday, I am not seeing the relief I expected. Just wondering if I'm expecting too much too fast.

Why I have to avoid short acting CCBs in angina?!?

Posted 2 Jan 2017 by Abboooti 0 answers

I'm a pharmacy student and i have read that CCBs "short acting" must be avoided in patient with angina but its okay to use long acting?? i want to know why i have to avoid short acting CCBs

Is it safe for my pulse to be between 40-45 at night on Atenolol?

Posted 29 Oct 2016 2 answers

I've been taking 25 mg Atenolol twice daily for about 3 years and for the past week every night my pulse has been dropping to 40-45 every night ive also been having chest and arm pain one of the days it was pretty painful at the wrist and elbow area I've had multiple X-rays taken an EKG ...

Angina - I wear a nitropatch which last 12 hrs but as soon as the patch starts to wear off. I have?

Posted 15 Oct 2016 by Ritaover 2 answers

... chest pains. I also take Imdur twice a day. Most of my arteries are occluded. I've had two bypass surgeries and multi. stents. The doctors tell me all that is left is to treat me with medication. I'm 68 years young, and the life I had is gone, I'm resticted in what I can do. i ...

Lopressor - Is it okay to up my dosage from 75mg 2x daily to 100mg 2x daily?

Posted 17 Sep 2016 by marines999 2 answers

I'm taking this for high blood pressure and angina. for some reason my dr is hesitant raising my dosage even though my blood pressure is still way too high and my pulse is also high. I want to increase my dose of this medication but instead my dr wants me start taking yet another drug in ...

How do you take GoNitro to treat an angina attack (chest pain)?

Posted 17 Aug 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Does atenolol or Tenormin affect breathing or COPD?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by feb704 0 answers

Permethrin - What possible side affects after more than 14 hours?

Posted 21 May 2016 by Michael Rowe 0 answers

Crusted scabies

Isosorbide Mononitrate - 30 Mg?

Posted 5 May 2016 by Loridyas64 0 answers

I take Isosorbine Mononitrate 30mg extended release. Can it be taken twice daily. It only lasts 12 hours and then the chest pains are back again. I go to see my Cardiologist next week, but I really hate these damn chest pains

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