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Anaphylaxis Questions

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Norepinephrine vs Epinephrine: What's the difference?

Posted 25 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Norepinephrine and epinephrine are both used in emergency medicine but what is the difference between them?

Is it okay to take 50 mg benadryl with 40 mg prednisone? Or take 25 mg benadryl with 40 mg predniso?

Posted 3 Jan 2018 1 answer

I'm taking prednisone for my food allergic reaction/anaphylactic reaction. I have a hard time sleeping, as I'm near to deep sleep, i feel like i'm going in a loop hole all of a sudden and I wake up in fear. It seems as if I dont have myself in control and I get dizzy after taking ...

Tramadol withdrawal... and major depression... only 100 mg. a day..why so bad?

Posted 2 Jul 2010 4 answers

I've been on Tramadol for 3 yrs. as high as 400 mg a day..I weaned down myself after knee surgery. I can't take most narcotics as I get anaphylaxis from them. I am now withdrawing only a quarter pill a week and I have all the horrible physical withdrawal sx along with severe depression. ...

Anaphylaxis - how do you treat anaphylaxix if you are allergic to epinephrine?

Posted 25 Jul 2009 1 answer

Have food allergies (non-specific) which cause anaphylactic shock. Have had the condition for years. Initially treated with epinephrine, but have become allergic to epi. Dr. treats me with antibiotics and steroids. I fear becoming immune to this treatment. What are my options?

I experienced Anaphylaxis shock so please help me how can I cure and prevent from severe situation?

Posted 23 Aug 2012 7 answers

i have severe allergy and year by year it goes worser than i experienced Anaphylaxis shock and i scared so much .i read an artice if i go to the doctor and cure it so fast i prevented from the death .please help me what should i do.meanwhile im student in sweden and its hard for me to go ...

What blood pressure medicines do NOT include polyethylene glycol?

Posted 10 Feb 2011 4 answers

I am severely allergic to polyethylene glycol with the following symptoms when ingested in medicines or used in cosmetic preparations : rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, and tongue. I have had an anaphylactic reaction to it, and ...

Propranolol - I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia and was prescribed Proprananol?

Posted 25 Sep 2015 3 answers

It is meant to help with the constant adrenaline surges and heart racing. I am only taking one of the three a day recommended as I am highly sensitive to all medications. Now a month in all good daytime but I have woken during the night to extreme heart racing and other times feeling like it's ...

How long does it take for 60 mg of Prednisone for 5 days to leave body?

Posted 25 Sep 2016 0 answers

I have been prescribed Prednisone for a anaphylactic reaction I had last Saturday and the medicine gave me terrible side effects. I took the whole five days worth of pills and stopped just as the doctor ordered. I am still having the same side effects even after stopping such as frequent panic ...

Meloxicam: Anyone ever had or know of someone who has had an anaphylactic reaction to this?

Posted 5 Dec 2011 1 answer

Anyone ever had or know of someone who has had an anaphylactic reaction to this medication? My mother did after taking 1 15mg & she is still pretty swollen; however, I can't seem to locate any drug interactions or any real reason for this allergy?? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. ...

I am hoping for some urgent advice. Yesterday I was prescribed augmentin 625. I took just one?

Posted 8 Dec 2012 3 answers

... tablet and suffered a anaphylactic shock. I have taken this antibiotic once before without this happening. Could someone explain why this happened yesterday. Thank-you. Cathy

Can terbutoline be used in lieu of epinephrine?

Posted 9 Mar 2013 3 answers

Unable to have epinephrine in any form due to anaphylaxis. For medic alert reasons, can this be a subsitute or something else?

Anaphylaxis - I was told by my boss that I have to administer my EpiPen myself. I have have?

Posted 3 Jun 2016 3 answers

... experienced anaphylactic shock three times in the past month. All three episodes happened while I was at work. I work with all nurses who are trained to give epinephrine EpiPen. My boss told me that due to liability reasons I had to administer it myself. I'm very concerned because I was ...

Xolair - Anaphylactic shock does it happen with first shot?

Posted 15 Nov 2016 1 answer

Anaphylaxis shock, I'm going to get my 1st shot this week kinda scared with the side affects? Is there anything I should knw about this Medicine. Do you recommend anything.

Because, Heparin, derived from a chemical in pig intestines and I am allergic to pork (reaction-?

Posted 2 Oct 2009 2 answers

... anaphylactic shock) I am having surgery what can be used

Are there any long term problems after experiencing a severe reaction to Bactrim?

Posted 20 Jul 2010 1 answer

If someone has had a severe reaction after taking Bactrim for 10 days with difficulty breathing, chest pressure, muscle aches etc, are there any long term problems and how long before symptoms subside? Does that mean they are allergic to sulfa? Is there anything medically to be concerned about in ...

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