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Amantadine Questions

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Why should you not discontinue amantadine?

What happens when you stop taking amantadine?

How long does it take for amantadine to start working?

Why was amantadine discontinued for flu?

What symptoms does amantadine treat?

What is Gocovri used to treat?

What is the difference between Osmolex ER and Gocovri?

What is Gocovri (amantadine) and how does it work?

Information about Amantadine as an adult ADHD medication?

I read that it lasts 24 hours with almost no side effects (per "Delivered from Distraction" book by Hallowell/Ratey) and no abuse potential (therefore not a controlled substance), but it is rarely prescribed. Does anybody have info or experience with this? I am currently on Ritalin LA, 30... read more

How long does amantadine stay in your blood?

my friend was recently pulled over for a dui would amantadine cause that to happen?

Is amantadine normally prescribed for dementia?

My wife is having serious hallucinations?

Her amantadine was increased to 3 per day and ropinerole also she sees people sitting in our home just staring at her.she wants me to get them out but I don’t see them.any suggestions as far as meds are concerned,thanks

Has anyone noticed your hair falling out or getting thinner when taking Amantadine?

When ever I wash my hair it falls out a lot and it gets thinner. When I stopped taking it my hair thickened up after a few months,

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