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What options are there for weight loss medications?

Alli - does the oily stool leakage go away ?

Contrave and Alli can they be taking together?

I have to take Alli due to no gallbladder for over 20 years it helps with digestion. But still have a weight problem so my doctor also prescribed Contrave is it safe to take together?

Is it common for the drug in Alli to change the stool to a very pale color and to "float"?

Please describe "fatty" looking to me! The color is REALLY pale. If one has no gall bladder will that make it look even lighter in color?

I have expired alli and want to know if anyone thinks it will still be effective?

A friend of mine gave me an uponened bottle of alli and wonder if it will still be effective,or even safe for that matter?

Switching from Celexa to Lexapro?

I have been on celexa 30 mg for about 2 years and klonopin 0.75 mg for about 2 years as well taken at night for insomnia. I take the klonopin for insomnia. I am switching to Lexapro in hope of it allievating the anxiety, depression, and klonopin. My doctor is switching me straight from Celexa to... read more

Orlistat - No gallbladder. Can I still use Alli?

HI Friends I just need to shed only 8 Kg, and am very excited to start this drug,however my gallbladder has been removed few years back, Can i still use this drug? also there was a comment on this site about Some people having issues with Liver and Kidney after using this drugs, any comments... read more

No more oily stools from taking alli/orlistat but eating the exact same diet?

I have been taking alli for the past 3months and everyday without fail I'd have really oily stools.but for past3weeks I've not had any oily stools in the slightest but I'm still eating the exact same diet I've been eating whilst I was having the oily don't... read more

New to Alli and a little anxious?

Hello, since having my last child who’s now 7 I have non stop gained weight it’s really beginning to get me down and effect my marriage. I have been told my diet doesn’t seem to be the issue but yet the bigger I get, now I went to me GP and asked for help as I’m so unfit I... read more

Orlistat - I purchased a starter pack of Alli and finished it. My stools were orange and oily. Now?

... that I have started taking Alli again, my stools are oily but the oil is now red. Is that normal?

What is the best vitamin to take while taking alli? Can I take also take flaxseed with Alli & mv?

The multivitamin I take is Equate.

Alli - Is it okay if I accidently take an extra one!?

I forgot that I had taken one a couple hours beforehand. I know you can take up to 3 per day but I ended up taking 4. There were a more than 2 hours between each pill.

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