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Similar antidepressants to the ones found in Tramadol?

I am 31yrs, male and I am a chronic alcoholic 6L per day wine drinker. I had a severe accident 2yrs ago and was prescribed Tramadol 200mg SR. Since taking this medication I have stopped drinking and have no desire to even touch a drink I feel happy and enjoy life. I have now realized that I was... read more

What time at night should I take Lyrica?

My doctor wants me to try it again at the low 50mg at night,but not sure how fast it will work. I have sleep disorder an cant go to sleep on my own since auto accident,plus I have fibromyalgia,arthritis,CFS,nerve pain,severe back/neck pain,just to name a few. So I need help to sleep so body can get... read more

Is Advil better than ibuprofen for inflammation, please comment, in serious need?

I recently was in a minor car accident, my shoulder has been hurting for 22 days now. It often goes right below my shoulder towards my inner arm. Some days im in excruciating pain. It comes and goes, several times a day. Or stays for about an hour or two. I won't go more than 2-3 days without... read more

I would like to know if anyone had any weight gain on trazodone or even better weight loss?

I have been taking some meds for pain in my back and neck because of a car accident. In the process i have put on some weight because of different drugs and lack of activities. I have been suffering depression which i feel is part of the weight gain . I don't sleep well and have been... read more

Morning after pill & ovulation, please help???

Hi everyone, I’m just super super worried... Me and partner had an accident on the night of the 8th December (around midnight). Long story short we went to a pharmacy the next morning and I took the MAP @ 8am. (8 hours later... ). My WORRY is that when I checked my period tracker app, I... read more

I accidentally took my lisinopril 40mg and my norvasc10mg twice in one this dangerous?

I normally take,since about 4 years, a daily dose of lisinopril40mg combines with norvasc 10 in the ,by accident,I took another dose of the same medicines at this dangerous?

Is there a way to find out what manufacturer of a pill a pharmacy uses?

I have lived in NJ all my life until recently. I moved to the San Francisco East Bay. 6 years ago in New Jersey, I got in a bad accident and ended up needing to go to pain management and physical therapy and everything. They started me on a medication call ultracet which didnt work so I worked my... read more

Accidentally taking 2 pills of Klonopin (0.5mg)?

I am currently taking Klonopin(0.5mg) twice a day as needed and Lexapro (20mg). i always worry that i might forget if i took my Klonopin once already and take a 2nd one shortly after on accident. is that something i could overdose on and go to the hospital immediately if i realize what I’ve... read more

How do you define doctor shopping?

I was in a car accident 3 years ago. I have 2 herniated discs in my neck and have an RX of Oxycodone. Originally I tried to get by on 2 (5mg) pills per day, (the prescription was for 1-2 tabs 4 times a day. After several months I found that I was not able to adjust and continue to do the tasks... read more

My husband accidentally took two venlafaxine hcl ER150 mg caps by accident instead of only one?

His prescription only calls for him to take one every 24 hours. What should we do? Will he be all right? What should we expect? Thank you

Accidentally took 25mg Topamax?

This morning I mixed up meds not thinking straight and being extremely tired and ended up taking my girlfriends Topamax 25mg for chronic migraines instead of Lexapro 5 mg I’m a bit worried as what side effects I might have from accidentally taking this, should I be fine in 24hrs?, and will I... read more

What happens if by accident someone who does not take Januvia or is not diabetic takes by mistake?

... thinking it was ibuprfoen (3) januvia were taking by accident

Cephalexin - Will it kill my dog if it was eaten accidently?

My dog was given cetaphilexin by accident, will it kill him?

Plan B One-Step - I took Plan B and then one hour later I drank alcohol does it mean it wont work?

I had a accident a Friday night and the next day took plan B, when I took plan B I went to a party one hour later. I drank and got really trashed. I woke up the next day and I did not feel any cramps, bloating, or nausea like I did when I first took plan B in the past. So now I'm a little... read more

Can I take 2000mg of Tylenol and 800mg of ibuprofen together?

I have chronic back and neck pain from a car accident a few years ago. My narcotic meds have run out and my pain management dr can't see me until later this month, ( in 2 1/2 weeks ) I'm in a great amount of discomfort. Pain management says they can't prescribe me anything without... read more

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