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Can anyone recommend anything I can take to help with withdrawal symptoms of tramadol?

I'm suffering rls sleepless nights headaches

How long to get through tramadol withdrawal cold turkey?

I have been on tramadol for about 4 months at 200-300mg. per day. for severe arthritis. I stopped after taking 100 mg. Sunday morning. I have... read more

Need to get off Tramadol because I'm pregnant, any advise how to go through withdrawal?

So I've been on tramadol 300mg a day for my broken spine about a year now. But I just found out I'm pregnant bc I'm allergic to... read more

How long before sense of smell returns to normal after Tramadol withdrawal?

I survived Tramadol withdrawal back in January but still cannot tolerate fragrances. Is there any hope that I will recover the ability... read more

How long will the tramadol withdrawal last?

I have recently come off tramadol because it was giving me acute digestive pain!! I have been through the worste stage which lasted about 3... read more

Tramadol withdrawal - the nightmare of brain zaps is never ending. Hello everyone... Could anyone?

... help put my mind at rest with this as I am starting to feel quite worried here. I have been abusing Tramadol on and off for 4 years now. I... read more

I have been taking tramadol - 3X 50 mgs a day for about 2 weeks - I stopped I had withdrawal. Help!?

What I'm really looking for is a taper schedule. I had no idea it was so physically addictive - and I didn't even use it for very long, but... read more

Lost sense of taste-tramadol withdrawal?

Hi everyone..I had a question I hope someone can help me with. I was put on Tramadol after an emergency hernia operation ( I had recently... read more

Can tramadol withdrawal symptoms go on for months?

I took tramadol prescribed for acute shingles pain for three weeks. 400mg a day. It took four months to get off it because of horrible... read more

Tramadol withdrawal... and major depression... only 100 mg. a day..why so bad?

I've been on Tramadol for 3 yrs. as high as 400 mg a day..I weaned down myself after knee surgery. I can't take most narcotics as I... read more

Tramadol withdrawal duration?

Hey guys i was put onto tramadol for my leg pain. i was on it for 3 weeks and hate it so i am going cold turkey and getting off of every type... read more

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