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Anyone taking Wellbutrin and Strattera together, how did it work?

I got switched from wellbutrin xl 450 mg and now taking the tablets 100mg 3x's a day my dr and I talked about adding... read more

Is there a difference between bupropion hcl xl and wellbutrin xl?

read the comments on wellbutrin xl on this site, one comment suggested getting wellbutrin, more $$? have very mild... read more

Wellbutrin SR or XL? Which one is better over all? Thank you!?

I have been on bupropion SR 150 mg for 10 days, and ringing on the ears has not subsided, and my sleep is terrible, even taking Xanax at night, only... read more

Are YOU suffering from Generic Wellbutrin - Budeprion? I think I'm going insane and feel out of it?

Wellbutrin Budeprion Generic is a Nightmare!!! I can't believe how bad it's become after 4 weeks. I decided to wait to see if... read more

Can I use Adderall with Wellbutrin?

Looking for low energy solutions and ADD problems will using anit-depresion meds Wellbutrin XR

Wellbutrin accidental overdose (600mg) seizure symptoms?

Hello, I would really appreciate it if someone could answer me asap. So today I took an 300mg wellbutrin pill sometime at 11 in the... read more

Tons of energy first week of Wellbutrin, now tired and drowsy?

I'm taking generic Wellbutrin. 150mg SR 2x per day for depression and ADHD. The first week was amazing I had TONS of... read more

Does Focalin make you tired?

I have depression and ADHD and have been trying to find a good combination of medications to treat the two. Most recently I have been... read more

Taking Wellbutrin for bipolar depression have uncontrollable anger. I am scared, is this normal?

Depression - I have Bipolar since 1994. I have been to the clinck 3 times since I was diagonised.I am now taking Wellbutrin... read more

Strattera - alternatives to Strattera ???

I take 2 80 mg of Strattera everyday for 5-6 years. It does work but it is very expensive and forces me to buy better health insurance just to... read more

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