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Will Latuda bring me out of my depression?

Posted 10 Sep 2015 5 answers

I'm bipolar and had a hypomanic episode. I was on Risperdal for about 8 weeks and fell into a deep depression pretty... read more

Bipolar Disorder - My doc gave me risperdal for depression I took it for 5 days and didn't like the?

Posted 24 Jun 2012 3 answers

... way it made me feel its been 4 days since I've taken it I've felt like I'm gonna die is their something better that won't... read more

Latuda with Depakote?

Posted 6 Jan 2012 5 answers

I'm dropping the lithium, Luvox and Risperdal but keeping the Depakote to go with the Latuda. I'm cautious because Depakote... read more

Is bupropion a "mood stabilizer"? My son already takes Latuda for bipolar depression?

Posted 21 Jul 2016 3 answers

My son was taking lamictal and rispirdal for his bipolar. He was still so depressed that his Dr. took him off risperidal and put him on... read more

My Latuda isnt acting as a mood stabilizer but its great for my depression when I feel good but?

Posted 11 Mar 2016 2 answers

its not balancing me out and I really need something for that as I get irritated and have broken a TV and punched 2 holes in walls in the past 6... read more

Latuda: to take or not to take?

Posted 21 Jul 2012 27 answers

My psych prescribed Latuda yesterday, to help me with my moods. I don't have an official diagnosis like schizophrenia or bipolar... read more

Risperdal - Is Risperidal the right medication for Bipolar depression?

Posted 11 Aug 2016 3 answers

My son has been bipolar for 25 years, usually suffering from highs. He has been unwell for the past 5 months, thought he was going high, buy... read more

Is it okay to take Latuda without antidepressants if you're bipolar?

Posted 16 Nov 2016 1 answer

I've always had issues with depression and mood swings all my life definitely been manic... I got diagnosed with bipolar no type... read more

Is There Any Studies Showing 20 mg Of Latuda To Be Effective In Treating Depression With Mild?

Posted 16 Nov 2015 2 answers

Hi, I was prescribed 20 mg of Latuda as an add on to my antidepressant. I have treatment resistant depression and general anxiety.... read more

How long does it take for Latuda to kick in?

Posted 13 May 2019 1 answer

I've been on 20 mg of Latuda for 4 weeks now and I've noticed I'm a lot calmer, however I feel very depressed. I don't... read more

Latuda flat affect, emotionless, dull feeling?

Posted 8 Nov 2017 6 answers

I recently was prescribed latuda for bipolar depression. I was hospitalized voluntarily and taking 20mg a day. My... read more

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