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What is the average dose of Sinemet for Parkinsons?

Posted 10 Dec 2018 1 answer

I take 25/100 3x daily.Is this a low dosage?I was diagnosed with Parkinsons a couple of months ago my dosage helps tremor and ...

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Is there any relief for hypersexuality and inability to orgasm when taking Pramipexole?

Posted 18 Mar 2013 1 answer

I have taken Pramipexole for Parkinson's for 5 years with no side effects. My dosage was recently increased to 1.5 mg x 3 ...

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Viibryd - Will going to 40mg help side effects or be worse?

Posted 23 Oct 2012 5 answers

I have been on antidepressants to help my MS for years. I began Viibryd a couple of months ago, but never increased to 40mg dose. I have more ...

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Viibryd - My psychiatrist had me lower my dose from 40mg to 30mg because of the side effects. The?

Posted 20 Jul 2012 1 answer

... side effects have subsided a bit but I noticed I'm more irritable now and starting to feel kind of down. Would 10mg really make that ...

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Viibryd - What if I cut the 10mg pill in half could I get the same results and less side effects?

Posted 17 Oct 2012 4 answers

The doctor gave me a trial sample, 7 days of 10 mg and 7 days of 20 mg. I tried it last night and it today I felt worse, agitated with diarrhea and ...

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Viibryd - I am on my 5th day of vibryd iam worried about side effects?

Posted 29 Jan 2014 2 answers

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Have you developed Parkinson's disease after long-term treatment with Lithium (lithium carbonate)?

Posted 14 Jun 2011 4 answers

There appears to be an association between the long-term (2 years +) use of Lithium and Parkinsonism (some symptoms of PD but not PD). I took Lithium ...

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Viibryd - What are some of the sexual side effects anyone has experienced? And do they go away?

Posted 25 Aug 2012 8 answers

My boyfriend started on viibryd 2 weeks ago. On the 10mg he did not experience any side effects, but this week now on 20mg is having ...

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Viibryd - Side-effect duration?

Posted 27 Dec 2011 4 answers

I started Viibryd about a week ago and I have had dizziness, nausea, and headaches. (Not much of the reported diarrea thank goodness.) I am ...

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