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Being as though Im a large man is it ok if I up my dosage from 50mg to 100mg of Tramadol HCL ?

Posted 29 Apr 2014 4 answers

my Dr. prescribed a dosage of 50mg for my sciatica nerve pain, which is VERY VERY PAINFUL to me

How much naproxen should I take for sciatica nerve damage?

Posted 28 Sep 2013 3 answers

I went to the emergency department about 5 days ago because of an intense pain on my right side from the lower vertebrae with a... read more

Is it safe to take both Tramadol and Carisoprodol togeather?

Posted 18 Aug 2014 2 answers

I am in a great deal of pain all of the time from arthritis and nerve pain. I have been using... read more

Pain from my pinched sciatic nerve is concentrated on my right hip and lower back?

Posted 7 Jan 2012 10 answers

I mainly use heat, Aleve, and Tramadol to combat the pain. I am 49. It has gotten much worse and more frequent in the... read more

Can one take Soma and diclofenac for sciatic nerve pain?

Posted 15 Apr 2017 2 answers

For sciatic nerve pain can Soma be taken with diclofenac potassium ?

Scared the nerve pain won’t go away?

Posted 11 Jan 2018 1 answer

I have severe lower back pain that’s radiating down my legs. What is radiating down my leg are these awful painful... read more

Gabapentin, tramadol, and amitriptyline?

Posted 5 Apr 2018 1 answer

My daughter has been prescribed tramadol and gabapentin for a damaged nerve on her back she is only 20 and I'm worried... read more

I’ve had chronic back/sciatica pain for many years. Prescription pain meds stopped providing any?

Posted 9 Jun 2018 1 answer

After many years prescription pain medication no longer provides relief. My current pain medicine... read more

Tramadol - has anyone used this for relief from arthritic knee pain as well as sciatic nerve pain?

Posted 18 Sep 2011 1 answer

For the last few years I have dealt with sciatic nerve pain and have done well with occasional steroid injections but... read more

What dose of Celebrex is used for chronic low back pain one year after lumbar spinal fusion?

Posted 21 Jan 2017 2 answers

TLIF fusion L4-L5 on Nov. 27, 2015. Still suffer tremendous nerve pain in my lower back, though the nerve... read more

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