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Cannabis - Can I take CBD oil with tramadol?

For chronic pain is it better to use tramadol or Tylenol#4?

For treating back pain and upper leg pain, General all over body pain due to fibromyalgia including... read more

Tramadol and gabapentin?

On a similar subject.. I've been taking tramadol for back pain for 2 years and been getting on well with it. Was taking... read more

I was prescribed Tramadol?

I was prescribed tramadol for neck pain associated with whiplash and arthritis. I also take Lexapro 15 mg every night. I read... read more

Tramadol does nothing for my pain. I have Fibroymialgia and ostoarthritis and heart disease and it?

... does nothing to help my pain. I usually end up staying home and not even being able to do housework anymore. Yesterday, I went... read more

Can Tramadol make you hypersensitive with the pain you were originally prescribed the tramadol for?

I have chronic Osteoarthritis of my cervical / lumbar spine with multilevel stenosis and neural compromise, I now have the Osteoarthritis in... read more

I take my long term tramadol in the morning, however my pain returns in the evening and it is hard?

... to sleep at night due to pain in back, hips and legs, any recommendations?

Tramadol refill question?

i am prescribed to take up to(4) 50mg Tramadol's a day if needed. i have 50 count in the bottle. take 1 every (4-6hrs) as needed for... read more

Is there a difference in tramadol marked An627 wh/round and 377 wh/oblong pill I got new ones from?

... the pharma this time and want to know if the new ones I got are supposed to be better at all ? 1) Cuz the price difference and 2) I was taken off... read more

I have been prescribed 50 mg tramadol. Can I give that to my dog for his pain?

I have been prescribed 50 mg tramadol for my pain. Can I give that to my dog for his pain. He is about 60 pounds... read more

Does anyone know the difference between tramadol and tramadol ER?

Besides the fact that one is immediate release and the other is extended release. I'm asking about ingredients, maybe. The reason that I am... read more

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